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African Elections Project coverage of Botswana's elections ended in 2009. Please visit www.africanelections.org for elections updates
 Quotes: "The sudden assertion of human criteria within a dehumanising framework of political manipulation can be like a flash of lightning illuminating a dark landscape Vaclav Havel"
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Last Updated: 22 May 2014
Election 2009 Results
Results From 52 Constituency(s) | Full List
Botswana Districts
Parliamentarians Party Constituency Region
Master Goya BDP Palapye Central District
John Toto BNF Kgalagadi South Kgalagadi District
Gibson Nshimwe BCP Chobe Chobe District
Ditiro Majadibodu BCP Nata/Gweta Central District
Christian De-Graaf BDP Ghanzi South Ghanzi District
Jack Frank Ramsden BDP Maun East North-West District
Mbiganyi Charles Tibone BDP Tati West North-East District
Jenamiso Edwin Batshu BDP Nkange North-East District
Ponatshego H.K Kedikiliwe BDP Mmadinare Central District
Dumelang Saleshando BCP Gaborone Central South-East District
Botsalo Ntuane BDP Gaborone West South South-East District
Patrick M. Masimole BDP Mogoditshane Kweneng District
John Seakgosing BDP Kweneng South Kweneng District
Maxwell Gonnamang K. Motowane BDP Letlhakeng West Central District
O.K Mokaila BDP Barolong Southern District
Mokgweetsi Masisi BDP Moshupa Southern District
Phillip Khwae BNF Kgalagadi North Kgalagadi District
Sebogodi Mompati Merafhe BDP Mahalapye West Central District
Pono P. Moatlhodi BDP Tonota South Central District
Phandu T. Skelemani BDP Francistown East North-East District
Goyamang Taolo Habano BAM Ngami North-West District
Walter Tshelang Masisis BDP Francistown West North-East District
S.M Guma BDP Tati East North-East District
Dikgakgamatso N. Seretse BDP Serowe North East Central District
Botlhogile Tshireletso BDP Mahalapye East Central District
Wynter B. Mmolotsi BDP Francistown South North-East District
Tawana Moremi BDP Maun West North-West District
Bagalatia Arone BCP Okavango Chobe District
Baledzi Gaolathe BDP Tonota North Central District
Lebonamang T. Mokalake BDP Boteti South Central District
Slumber Tsogwane BDP Boteti North Central District
Abram S. Kesupile BNF Kanye South Southern District
Isaac Stephen Mabiletsa BNF Kgatleng East Kgatleng District
Nehemiah M. Modubule IND Lobatse Southern District
Liakat Kablay BDP Letlhakeng East Central District
Robert Masitara BDP Gaborone West North South-East District
Major Gen. Moeng Rabasimane Pheto BDP Kwenenge East Kweneng District
Kentse Spencer Rammidi BDP Kanye North Southern District
Odirile Motlhale BDP South East South South-East District
Keletso Lesego Rakhudu BDP Gaborone North South-East District
Mmoloki Edward Raletobana BDP Kweneng South East Kweneng District
K.P. Molatlhegi BDP Gaborone South South-East District
Johnie keemenao Swartz BDP Ghanzi North Ghanzi District
Gaotlhaetse U.S. Matlhabaphiri BDP Molepole North Kweneng District
Daniel K. Kwelagobe BDP Molepole South Kweneng District
Peter Letlhogonolo Siele BDP Ngwaketse South Southern District
Tshekedi Khama BDP Serowe North West Central District
Pelonomi Venson BDP Serowe South Central District
Olebile Marakadu Gaborone BNF South East North South-East District
Dikgang Phillip Makgalemele BDP Shoshong Central District
Mephato Reatile BNF Ngwaketse West Southern District
Gilbert Shimane Mangole BDP Kgatleng West Kgatleng District
Central District Ghanzi District Kgalagadi District Kgatleng District Kweneng District North-East District North-West District Southern District South-East District Chobe District