20th October 2016 Ghana Elections Daily News Headlines

[A Service by @africanelection] We start today’s newspaper review with:


"‘Arrogant gov’t communicators blocking Mahama’s message’ – Brobby" || More here: http://ow.ly/wxGZ305meua  #Citifmonline


"Over 50 chiefs endorse Nana Addo in Ashanti Region" || More here: http://ow.ly/ique305mezZ  #Citifmonline


"EC erred in disqualifying Nduom – Ayikoi Otoo" || More here: http://ow.ly/JGy2305meGh  #Citifmonline


"Eastern corridor roads will be completed soon – Mahama" || Mre here: http://ow.ly/HtHN305meLE  #Citifmonline


"I’ve not been arrested– PNC Treasurer" || More here: http://ow.ly/4Y56305meQE  #Citifmonline


"Nii Lante Vanderpuye is desperate for power – Nii Lante Bannerman" || More here: http://ow.ly/YLco305meVq  #Citifmonline


"Ayawaso Central: NPP incumbent looks for second term [Report]" || More here: http://ow.ly/VJE4305meZu  #Citifmonline


"Voltarians will punish NDC for failing them – NPP" || More here: http://ow.ly/Nbdg305mf3R  #Citifmonline


"Mahama doesn’t feel the pain of Ghanaians – Nana Addo" || More here: http://ow.ly/22NU305mf8n  #Citifmonline


"I’m ready to sponsor my contender to school – Nii Lantey Vanderpuije" || More here: http://ow.ly/gwse305mfcD  #Citifmonline


"‘Mahama’s gov’t is a nightmare’ -Bawumia" || More here: http://ow.ly/tnJ5305mfgC  #Citifmonline


"NPP targets more votes in Volta with ‘operation 3-30’" || More here: http://ow.ly/Appz305mfl1  #Citifmonline


"EC to use manual and machine verification for Election 2016" || More here: http://ow.ly/nCN8305mfCU  #Myjoyonline


"No money is missing from the party - PNC" || More here: http://ow.ly/OGuV305mfHE  #Myjoyonline


"Youth threaten Bawumia after dismissal of Constituency Chairman" || More here: http://ow.ly/GgMy305mfMu  #Myjoyonline


"Balloting for Parliamentary Candidates comes off Thursday" || More here: http://ow.ly/BF3W305mfRS  #Myjoyonline


"EIU predicts another NPP win in 2016 polls" || More here: http://ow.ly/UNOJ305mfZn  #Myjoyonline


"'We beg you trust us' - Asiedu Nketia tells Voltarians" || More here: http://ow.ly/BHDa305mg3I  #Myjoyonline


"58 chiefs in Ashanti Region declare support for Akufo-Addo" || More here: http://ow.ly/ShXf305mg8i  #Myjoyonline


"Haul in Bugri Naabu, NDC supporters pressurise police" || More here: http://ow.ly/KkH4305mgc7  #Myjoyonline


"But for NDC, Northern region would be in darkness - Bawumia told" || More here: http://ow.ly/c80K305mggN  #Myjoyonline


"Afari Gyan more credible than Charlotte Osei- Ayariga" || More here: http://ow.ly/bFJC305mgky  #Myjoyonline


"I don't support independent candidates - Mahama" || More here: http://ow.ly/xxss305mgFm  #Starrfmonline


"Election 2016: Reinstate me or I'll sue - Mahama to EC" || More here: http://ow.ly/s3lm305mgJY  #Starrfmonline


"Election 2016: Nana Addo beats Mahama in Facebook race" || More here: http://ow.ly/ivWz305mgVx  #Starrfmonline


"Dome race: I’ll win massively — Adwoa Safo" || More here: http://ow.ly/PIzL305mh0q  #Starrfmonline


"Mahama wants fair media coverage, not praise: Govt" || More here: http://ow.ly/Q8DM305mhco  #Classfmonline


"We can’t hold Presidential ballot now following court actions – EC" || More here: http://ow.ly/nuXY305mhs5  #Kasapafmonline


"NPP don’t know how to build a prosperous country – Mahama" || More here: http://ow.ly/4394305mhxK  #Kasapafmonline


"The middle-class in NPP, NDC are “lazy” – Ben Ephson" || More here: http://ow.ly/JQ6g305mhC1  #Kasapafmonline


"Using armed civilians to police the ballot is needless – Ben Ephson" || More here: http://ow.ly/VAUl305mhHe  #Kasapafmonline


"MP fights DCE in Parliament over GH₵45,000 Common Fund cash" || More here: http://ow.ly/dnZR305mhKU  #Kasapafmonline


"Tension in Tatale NPP… youth warn Bawumia, threaten to burn party Vehicle" || More here: http://ow.ly/VIdt305mhPe  #Kasapafmonline


"Alan: If you're unemployed, vote for Nana Addo" || More here: http://ow.ly/p1pB305mi0Y  #Atinkaonline


"Lawsuits delaying printing of ballot papers- EC laments" || More here: http://ow.ly/mEHa305mi7W  #Atinkaonline


"My "Corpse" Won't Even Vote For NDC - Kweku Baako" || More here: http://ow.ly/uoQw305miqG  #Peacefmonline


"Prez Mahama Will Leave Office Even If There Is No Election – Buabeng Asamoah" || More here: http://ow.ly/jKa6305miw7  #Peacefmonline


"Ayariga ‘Unfit’ To Be President – Peace Council" || More here: http://ow.ly/AYtZ305miAM  #Adomonline


"Media black out: Mahama's 'defeatist lamentations' unnecessary; NDC did same in 2008 to win power'" || More here: http://ow.ly/JoVE305miRA  #Adomonline


"Mahama’s media cabal comment confusing me – Kweku Baako" || More here: http://ow.ly/g5ea305miVV  #Adomonline


"No e-transmission Of 2016 Election Results – EC Clarifies" || More here: http://ow.ly/gpzz305mj05  #Adomonline


"Our macho men will take care of ballot boxes - Bugri Naabu" || More here: http://ow.ly/TXZH305mj55  #Adomonline

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