21st October 2016 Ghana Elections Daily news Headlines

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"Answer Bawumia’s 170 questions, then we can debate – NPP to Mahama" || More here: http://ow.ly/5AtN305ossT  #Citifmonline


"Parliament approves GHc10.9bn for critical expenditure in 2017" || More here: http://ow.ly/5im8305oswe  #Citifmonline


"Mahama’s debate challenge hypocritical – Mustapha Hamid" || More here: http://ow.ly/xDeF305oszs  #Citifmonline


"Mahama lacks capacity to lead economic change – Nana Addo" || More here: http://ow.ly/28IL305osCB  #Citifmonline


"Vote NDC for progress – Veep urges electorates" || More here: http://ow.ly/1WMf305osKS  #Citifmonline


"No president will put money in your pocket – Mahama" || More here: http://ow.ly/hzjX305osR6  #Citifmonline


"300 enterprises shortlisted for NPP's '1 District 1 Factory policy" || More here: http://ow.ly/W3xD305otpX  #Myjoyonline


"Akufo-Addo will not debate a ‘flip-flop’ President – Hamid" || More here: http://ow.ly/vIjd305otwE  #Myjoyonline


"NDC justifies Mahama billboards: ‘Nothing beats getting in touch with people’" || More here: http://ow.ly/TtzW305otBV  #Myjoyonline


"Police invite NPP Tamale chair, Owusu Bempah over threatening comments" || More here: http://ow.ly/2X6i305otGz  #Myjoyonline


"APC drags EC to court over Ayariga's disqualification" || More here: http://ow.ly/hE8X305otLC  #Myjoyonline


"Starr Voters’ Voice: You’re incompetent – NDC, CPP aspirants to Effia MP" || More here: http://ow.ly/H5PL305ou5T  #Starrfmonline


"NPP's ‘1-District-1-Factory’ doesn’t make sense – Ahwoi" || More here: http://ow.ly/dWgy305ou9Y  #Starrfmonline


"Election 2016: Eschew violence - Chief of Staff" || More here: http://ow.ly/KW0z305oudK  #Starrfmonline


"Ballot papers won't be printed abroad: EC" || More here: http://ow.ly/bEod305ouu8  #Classfmonline


"NPP rejects Mahama's debate challenge" || More here: http://ow.ly/W7NJ305ouxO  #Classfmonline


"Akufo-Addo: Debrah, NDC want to kill Kalyppo" || More here: http://ow.ly/9Ro1305ouC9  #Classfmonline


"PPP govt'll be all-inclusive: Nduom" || More here: http://ow.ly/2A1E305ouGn  #Classfmonline


"NDC denies campaigning in chopper" || More here: http://ow.ly/pl6b305ouNa  #Classfmonline


"Ignore Debrah’s insincere comments about Kalyppo – Akufo-Addo" || More here: http://ow.ly/A1qA305ov4v  #Kasapafmonline


"Debrah’s Kalyppo comments misinterpreted – Gov’t" || More here: http://ow.ly/Tg9W305ov8N  #Kasapafmonline


"Mahama himself knows things are bad – Akufo-Addo" || More here: http://ow.ly/YGWW305ovcC  #Kasapafmonline


"PHOTOS: PPP supporters storm court…chant “No PPP no vote”' || More here: http://ow.ly/WmGL305ovgv  #Kasapafmonline


"I still need a debate with Akufo-Addo and his running mate to stop their lies – Mahama" || More here: http://ow.ly/XvMm305ovkA  #Kasapafmonline


"Sir John Organized Mrs Rawlings’ Campaign Launch - Ade Coker Claims" || More here: http://ow.ly/m90H305ovFj  #Peacefmonline


"Asawase Can Never be an NPP Seat – Muntaka" || More here: http://ow.ly/JkIu305ovJN  #Ultimatefmonline


"Mahama is my Brother but he is Wicked – Otiko Djaba" || More here: http://ow.ly/UifI305ovOG  #Rainbowradioonline


"Freedom And Justice Does Not Live In A Vacuum - Rawlings Asserts' || More here: http://ow.ly/iNh5305ovVz  #Peacefmonline


"NDC Is Very Happy About EIU’s Predictions – Asiedu Nketia" || More here: http://ow.ly/tbPh305ow0g  #Adomonline


"Accept ‘vote-buying money’ but vote against givers – Greenstreet" || More here: http://ow.ly/iSDe305owic  #3News


"10 situation rooms to be set up to monitor 2016 elections" || More here: http://ow.ly/YB2V305ownX  #3News


"EC to create special desk for persons with disabilities on election day" || More here: http://ow.ly/DLuo305owuW  #3News


"Bawumia: Grab NDC's cash, items but vote against them" || More here: http://ow.ly/fUch305owI5  #Atinkaonline


"EC to use manual and machine verification for Election 2016" || More here: http://ow.ly/GYev305owPz  #Atinkaonline


"Akufo-Addo replies Chief of Staff over Kalypo : What’s the use of Komenda Sugar?' || More here: http://ow.ly/PQWH305owUj  #Atinkaonline


"Police invite Prophet Owusu Bempah over election prophecies" || More here: http://ow.ly/Ha6Q305owZH  #Atinkaonline


"Disqualification blues... Police on heels of subscribers for allegedly committing electoral offences" || More here: http://ow.ly/6CGA305oxdW  #Graphic.com


"Corruption is the hallmark of the NDC – Bawumia" || More here: http://ow.ly/GYed305oxlP  #Graphic.com


"American election experts told Mahama he would lose 2016 elections – Amoako Baah" || More here: http://ow.ly/2rm9305oy9g  #Adomonline


"Governance not for 'kalyppo sipping adults' – Benyiwa-Doe" || More here: http://ow.ly/5y16305oyhC  #Adomonline


"Ayariga stops campaigning" || More here: http://ow.ly/C5MU305oyr9  #Adomonline


"VIDEO: EC rushing with December polls processes – Mac Manu" || More here: http://ow.ly/NIRH305oyyT  #Adomonline

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