Peace Council condemns NPP, NDC clashes

22nd November, 2016 Ghana Elections Daily News Headlines

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Peace Council condemns NPP, NDC clashes http://ow.ly/8KpT306pePC


NPP alleges rigging again; raises alarm over printing of presidential ballots http://ow.ly/rIow306peTh


EC, police increasing existing special voters’ list? http://ow.ly/8rts306peVt


Apologize for tribal comments – MWFA to Mahama http://ow.ly/LtJS306pf72


CPP backs NPP; raises alarm over ‘unmarked’ pink sheets http://ow.ly/Dfl3306pf8w


Ablekuma North: NDC aspirant urges supporters to shun violence http://ow.ly/Onlj306pfc0


Akufo-Addo not gaining grounds in Eastern Region – NDC http://ow.ly/M03v306pfeN


Condemn Osafo Marfo’s ethnocentric comments – Mahama to Nana http://ow.ly/4kYv306pfpG


Vote incompetent NDC out - Samira charges http://ow.ly/RdT0306pftY


We don’t want a ‘dead goat’ as president - Bawumia http://ow.ly/KqmH306pfvw


I’ll not let you down - Akufo-Addo assures Voltarians http://ow.ly/GnB0306pfxG


We will build on Nkrumah's good works - Greenstreet http://ow.ly/zPIW306pfUN


Some party policies are shopping list, unable to deal with real issues – Graham http://ow.ly/86W6306pfXB


Hannah Tetteh’s only achievement is ‘the transfer of Gitmo 2’- Asabee  http://ow.ly/14CV306pg4O


Political clashes: Leaders must call followers to order -Pratt http://ow.ly/Cee2306pg6V


Special Voting list: No need to add up – John Boadu http://ow.ly/Qwqw306pg8N


Bawumia replies Mahama: Feel pity for suffering masses instead http://ow.ly/bwF4306pgeV


Dec polls: Don’t vote based on tribe or religion – Duncan-Williams http://ow.ly/MMBE306pgiT


Konadu fielding ‘thieves’ as MP candidates – Asiedu Nketia http://ow.ly/fGIW306pgly


E/R: We’ll retaliate if provoked by NDC – NPP http://ow.ly/2tHe306pgnV


Dec polls: Don’t stop Ghanaians in Togo from voting: IGP http://ow.ly/4dNd306pgqC


Stay off Ghana polls: Nana to Togolese http://ow.ly/VHUU306pgtk


Mahama only ‘good at making our money disappear’: Bawumia http://ow.ly/52QE306pgvT


Ethnocentric campaigns sad — Lecturer http://ow.ly/SQVd306pgy8


Prez Mahama Is Not Afraid To Lose Upcoming Polls - Alhaji Bature http://ow.ly/sS8B306pgIW


‘Samira Bawumia Was A TEIN Women's Organizer’ - Asiedu Nketia http://ow.ly/ZmZd306pgLE


Stop One-Way Voting – PPP Veep http://ow.ly/Ygu5306pgNV


Martin Amidu still NDC member – Asiedu Nketia http://ow.ly/tnZC306pgXF


Any additional names to special voters list will create tension and confusion-NDC http://ow.ly/HBWn306phht


Don't be influenced by tribal comments; Vote for Competent leaders-Peace Council http://ow.ly/YCsG306phl3

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