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Ghana Post Election Intervention
The Ghana Post Election Intervention Project aims at promoting the culture of political accountability by strengthening the processes and institutions that lead to fulfillment of electoral promises and delivery of visible and impact driven dividends of democracy by elected leaders.

The Objectives of this project ar
  • Providing easy and accessible information on political promises and development plans of elected representatives to the public
  • To enhance media performance and redirect media engagements to development issues
  • To create citizens awareness on development issue
  • To make informed choices during elections                                                              
  • To reduce acrimonious campaign messages and redirect politicians campaigning to development issues rather than personality attacks.

The Ghana Post Election Intervention is co-ordinated by the International Institute for ICT Journalism www.penplusbytes.org working hand in hand with key partners such as the African University College of Communication (AUCC), Center for Democratic Development (CDD), Ghana Journalist Association (GJA), SMSGh and Ghana Community Radio Network (GCRN) with funding from Open Society Initiative for West Africa www.osiwa.org


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