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NHIS: Govt To Combine One-Time Premium With Annual Premiums

The National Health Insurance Authority says it will combine a two-tier funding policy for the implementation of the National Health Insurance Scheme.

The Chief Executive Officer of the Authority, Sylvester Mensah told Joy News subscribers will now have the option of a one-time premium or an annual premium payment policy.

This is in contrast to the manifesto pledge of the NDC which promised a one-time premium across board. The NHIS currently collects annual premiums from subscribers as its major sources of funding. Mr Mensah said the new two-tier policy which is being considered is the result of a thorough discussion by stakeholders.

He explained with a social democratic government in power there was the need to take due cognisance of the various opinions - which the government has done - and has therefore decided to provide the two options for subscribers.

It is not yet clear when the new policy will take effect as well as the total amount of premium - be it one-time or annual - subscribers are expected to pay. Mr Mensah has debunked the assertions that the new proposal is an admission that the NDC manifesto pledge of a one-time premium is not feasible.

However a former Health Minister under ex-president Kufuor told Joy News government must be bold enough to admit that its a one-time premium policy was not feasible. Dr. Richard Anane said the two-tier payment policy is also going to create a class system within the country.

He anticipates that the haves might subscribe to the one-time premium whilst the have-nots will continue with annual premiums - a division he noted will not augur well for the country.



Source: myjoyonline.com

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