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Latest Updated : Wednesday,27 Oct 2010
Parliament repeal sports law
Parliament on Monday amended the Sports Act 1976 said to have contributed to the suspension of Ghana from the International Olympic Committee (IOC).

Sports Act 1976 (S.M.C.D. 54) and the Sports Act 1976 (LI 1088), the main laws regulating the management and organization of sports in Ghana is inconsistent with rule 28.9 of the International Olympic Committee Charter which seeks to secure and safeguard the autonomy of sports associations of member countries.

The section 42 (a) and (b) of the Sports Act 1976 (S.M.C.D. 54), legislative instrument empowers the Minister of Sports to make regulations relating to the establishment, composition and functions of sports associations.

It also provides the Minister a temporarily take-over of the management of an association for the purpose of ensuring proper and efficient running.

Mr Stephen Ackah, Chairman of the Sport Committee in a report presented to the House indicated that the 2012 Olympic Games was very close and underscored the importance of Ghana's participation to the government and the sports loving Ghanaians.

He said amending the Section (a) and (b) would be a practical demonstration of the political will to free the administration of sports from the perceived political interference.

Mr Ackah said the amendment would serve as incentive for the lifting of the sanction imposed on Ghana by the IOC and would provide room for the government to carefully speed-up the process of fine-tuning the proposed draft Sports Bill.

The Sports Bill is expected to bring the legislation in line with the IOC Charter.

The committee he observed was of the view that the passage of the bill would help Ghana to regain its enviable records globally. He urged the Youth and Sports Ministry to step-up its dialogue with the IOC in order to ensure that the efforts being made by government through these amendments guarantee the lifting of the suspension.

Papa Owusu Ankoma said all stakeholders must collaborate to make Ghana a leading sports destination in world.

Source: GNA

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