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Friday ,04 Mar 2011 06:21:30
Decentralization: Promise 5: Re-demarcate the electoral areas
To deepen decentralization and reverse the decline of local government, the NDC promised to "apply scientific, objective (NOT political) and align sub-district structures with the new districts."
Promise Source: 2008 NDC Manifesto

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Research findings

6th Report December 2010
LIs 1967 & 1983 have been passed and implemented to re-demarcate electoral areas. which were increased from 5000 electoral areas to a little over 6000 in December 2010.
Ghana Post Elections 6th Report January 2011

5th Report October/November 2010
Legislative instruments (LI 1967, 2010) and Subsidiary Legislation (LI 1983, 2010) were passed by Parliament which empowered the EC to carry the intended re-demarcation exercise. Subsequently, the EC announced a reduction of the membership of the Unit Committee from 15 to 5 with all elected positions. Reduced the membership of the Urban, Zonal, Town and Area Councils from between 25-30 (for Urban Councils) and between 15-20 (for Zonal, Town and Area Councils) to a uniform number of between 15-20. The LI 1983 also determined the Electoral Areas as 6000 (increased from 5000)
Source: Ghana Post Elections 5th Report October/November 2010

4th Report September 2010
Re-demarcation is yet to begin.
Ghana Post Elections 4th Report September 2010

3rd Report August 2010
Law has been passed (LI 1967, 2010) for some re-demarcation works to start.
Source:Ghana Post Elections 3rd Report August 2010

2nd Report July 2010
Not yet implemented
Source: Ghana Post Elections 2nd Report July 2010

1st Report January - June 2010
Enshrined in the 1992 constitution, the decentralization policy was meant to send governance closer to the people and ensure citizens participation in governance.
From 110 districts in 2003, the number of MMDAs has increased to 170, and total number of Unit Committees stands at 15,386. Experts have concluded that the decentralization agenda is at best stagnant and the Unit Committees have virtually collapsed.
In order to resuscitate the agenda and make it more functional, the NDC promised to”Re-demarcate the electoral areas”.
The policy for re-demarcation of electoral areas is before cabinet for consideration.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 1st Report January - June 2010 

Promise Kept

Other Promises
Promise 20: Pay remunerations to assembly members.
Promise 5: Re-demarcate the electoral areas

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