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Friday ,04 Mar 2011 06:21:30
Education: Promise 6: Replace all schools under trees with classroom blocks

To address the inadequate facilities in the education sector, the NDC promised to "replace all schools under trees with classroom blocks." 
Promise Source: 2010 Budget. Pg 42, bulletin 143.

Promise Status: In the Process more... 

Research findings

6th Report January 2011
Contracts have been awarded, however no construction of new school blocks have been undertaken since last report.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 6th Report January 2011

5th Report October/November 2010
175 school blocks were constructed to replace schools under trees and contracts have been awarded to construct 165 more new school blocks (minister of finance, 2011 budget statement). Note that the minister of information quoted 640 as being schools under trees that have been replaced. (contradictory)
NB: Total under tree schools were given as 3, 427 in the 2010 budget statement.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 5th Report October/November 2010

4th Report September 2010
No development on this promise and remains same as last month.
Ghana Post Elections 4th Report September 2010

3rd Report August 2010
640 schools under trees have so far been replaced with classroom blocks. Contracts have been awarded which is expected to increase the number to 1,000 by December 2010.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 3rd Report August 2010)

2nd Report July 2010
No significant change made on this promise.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 2nd Report July 2010)

1st Report January - June 2010
So far, there are about 3,427 schools under trees across the country. Checks from the ministry of information revealed that government has targeted to replace 600 schools under trees with classroom blocks by the end of 2010, and works have started on 120 classroom blocks through the GETFund (Ghana Education Trust Fund). According to the Upper East regional minister, the Upper East region alone has an estimated number of 180 under tree schools. (Source: GNA).
Source: Ghana Post Elections 1st Report January - June 2010)

In the process

Other Promises
Promise 6: Replace all schools under trees with classroom blocks
Promise 7: Rope all public primary schools into the school feeding programme within 2 years

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