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Friday ,04 Mar 2011 06:21:30
Infrastructure: Promise 17: Construct drainage systems in the cities
To tackle the drainage problems in the country, the NDC promised  to construct drainage systems in the cities.
Promise Source: 2009 Budget. Pg 110, bulletin 484 & 2010 Budget. Pg 30, bulletin 101

Promise Status: Not done more...

Research findings


6th Report January 2011
Most drainage projects have been initiated and some near completion. For instance, the Banana Inn (Dansoman) drianage project has the concrete phase completed. 
Ghana Post Elections 6th Report January 2011

5th Report October/November 2010
On this promise, we are still struggling for current data on the state of this project from the Hydrological department of the Ministry of Works and Housing (they have refused to cooperate with our data gathering staff since October, but we are still chasing them for the updates)
Source: Ghana Post Elections 5th Report October/November 2010

4th Report September 2010
There are more ongoing drainage projects across the country.
Ghana Post Elections 4th Report September 2010

3rd Report August 2010
More drainage construction is underway across the country.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 3rd Report 2010

2nd Report July 2010
A drainage system/ water way from Zamrama Line through to Banana-In in Accra was started this month.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 2nd Report July 2010

1st Report January - June 2010
Actual drainage constructions across the country are yet to begin. However, the Hydrological Services Department of the Ministry of Water Resources, Works and Housing in conjunction with the various cities, especially Accra, have embarked on a project to clear major drains to improve the channels and allow for free flow of water in anticipation of heavy rains this year.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 1st Report January – June 2010

Not done

Other Promises
Promise 17: Construct drainage systems in the cities
Promise 16: Complete 38 uncompleted houses across the country for the police service

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