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Friday ,04 Mar 2011 06:21:30
Health: Promise 15: Establish ambulance stations in all the 170 districts

Based on the premise to take a multi sector approach to health, the NDC promised to establish ambulance stations in all 170 districts in the country. 
Promise Source: 
2010 Budget. Pg 43, bulletin 148 & 2009 Budget. Pg 171, bulletin 747 

Promise Status: In the Process more...

Research findings

6th Report January 2011
Agreement has been approved by government for this promise to be fulfilled
Source: Ghana Post Elections 6th Report January 2011

Cabinet approves agreement between the Republic of Ghana and OPUS 7 S.R.O Satov of Austria, to supply 200 ambulance cars and 2 air ambulances which will expand the National Ambulance Service to all district capitals.

5th Report October/November 2010
Trainees have been sent on attachment in selected hospitals. The training ends in mid 2011. Meanwhile, Parliament has approved a loan agreement of Euro 10,900,000.00 with Ghana contributing Euro 1,500,000.00 to purchase more than 150 ambulances and spare parts for the ministry of Health.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 5th Report October/November 2010

The House also approved the Buyer’s Credit Facility Agreement between the government of Ghana and KfW Frankfurt AM Main, Germany for the supply of about 150 ambulance vehicles and spare parts for the National Ambulance Service of the Ministry of Health.
Source: www.africanelections.org/ghana/postelections/parliament/

4th Report September 2010
The National Ambulance Authority (NAA) is currently training about 210 people selected from 21 districts.
Ghana Post Elections 4th Report September 2010

3rd Report August 2010
No action taken on this promise.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 3rd Report August 2010

2nd Report July 2010
Not action taken on this promise.
Source: Ghana Post Elections 2nd Report July 2010

1st Report January - June 2010
The government is yet to take action on this promise. According to the National Ambulance Services, they have only 24 ambulance stations located in accident prone areas and major hospitals in 24 out of the 170 districts, and those were established about 6 years ago. The secretariat hinted that it is expensive to establish resource and train personnel to Man an ambulance station and will therefore need time to recruit and train people and also source for funding for the project.
Source: Ghana Post Election 1st Report January - June 2010
In the process

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Promise 15: Establish ambulance stations in all the 170 districts

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