We Will Present Members for Questioning But ... NPP

[A Service by @africanelection] We start today’s newspaper review with:


We will present members for questioning but… – NPP  http://ow.ly/IM5A306bbhJ


Real power belongs to the masses not pollsters – Ablakwa  http://ow.ly/IW7Y306bbkn


We’ll win, but don’t be complacent – Akufo Addo tells supporters  http://ow.ly/kVvg306bbmz


UK threatens to deny visas over election violence in Ghana  http://ow.ly/iUwA306bboP


Mahama won’t reduce fuel prices, ignore Nana Addo- NDC  http://ow.ly/Q8KX306bbtS


Ayariga sues EC again over disqualification  http://ow.ly/tElZ306bbwA


NPP Ashanti protests over ballot paper ‘error’  http://ow.ly/3Zho306bbyO


British gov't condemns political violence, calls on political actors to promote peace  http://ow.ly/YQty306bbOt


‘I’m sad residents of Central Region are supporting NPP, NDC’ – Nduom  http://ow.ly/JQBC306bbRe


Veep installed chief of Dondoli  http://ow.ly/rMgV306bbTv


Beware of those who make promises outside government– Mahama tells Ghanaians  http://ow.ly/IN74306bbWY


Female aspiring MPs allege intimidation by male counterparts  http://ow.ly/vqkh306bc4V


EC refutes claim it printed wrong logo for NPP  http://ow.ly/1ZmH306bc7G


Akufo-Addo condemns attacks on residence, urges calm  http://ow.ly/y2XM306bcab


‘I’ll play my part as Commander-in-chief to ensure peace’ – Mahama  http://ow.ly/PHmz306bccJ


Ghana may be sitting on a time bomb -Ken Attafuah  http://ow.ly/kgA5306bcfi


Woyome saga: Omane Boamah’s education is shallow – Amidu  http://ow.ly/KgRy306bchZ


NPP Professional Patriots undertakes voter education exercise  http://ow.ly/YlE6306bcjX


65,000 to vote under Special Voting on Dec 1  http://ow.ly/Bc2y306bcwa


It’s not yet a done deal; go out and vote – Nana Addo to NPP  http://ow.ly/87gX306bcz7


Saboba: Journalist attacked as Azorka Boys rampage  http://ow.ly/8KYV306bcBs


NPP sanctioned logo on parliamentary ballot sheets – EC  http://ow.ly/KLWS306bcDy


2016 polls: Deploy more dogs for surveillance – Sec. Expert  http://ow.ly/Orw4306bcGd


Nana Addo's bodyguard pointed gun at a police officer – Cephas Arthur  http://ow.ly/frF4306bcKz


Obuobia: I’m unfazed by Ephson’s inept prediction  http://ow.ly/bzYc306bcNP


It’s easy to make promises in opposition – Mahama  http://ow.ly/TbeI306bcQb


Prove me wrong – Ben Ephson tells Obuobia  http://ow.ly/GCSP306bcT7


I’m not dead: Kufuor  http://ow.ly/iYLn306bd0w


Nkrumah Interchange'll create thousands of jobs — Mahama  http://ow.ly/w9Rr306bdbE


Vote for your son: Kufuor to E/R  http://ow.ly/e3B1306bdf1


Woyome cross-examination: SC rules on Amidu case today  http://ow.ly/dONK306bdsG


NDC supporters shun Bede Ziedeng for Abu in Lawra constituency  http://ow.ly/fSz4306bf0w


Observing minute silence for Mills is hypocrisy – Akufo-Addo fired  http://ow.ly/S36w306bf3E

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