NPP Bashes IGP

 With 13 Days to the December 7 2016 General Elections in Ghana, the following are some of the interesting stories that make the headlines for today.

The Daily Statesman, the Daily Guide, the New Crusading Guide, The Ghanaian Observer focus on the New Patriotic Party’s seeming displeasure with the performance of the Ghana Police Service ahead of the 2016 elections. According the Daily Guide headline “NPP Bashes IGP” for instance, New Patriotic Party has written to the Inspector General of the Ghana Police Service, complaining bitterly about the selective law enforcement it believes is being perpetrated by the Ghana Police Service in the run up to the December 7 general elections. The party catalogued brutalities visited on NPP members by the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) supporters across the country and asked the police administration to take swift action to restore the party’s confidence in the service.

Other interesting headlines that make the news for today:

According the Daily Graphic story “EC sensitizes female candidates on the electoral process”, women  parliamentary  candidates in the  upcoming  election have been urged to use  more females as their  agents to enable  them  to demonstrate their  competence and  responsibilities  in that respect. The Eastern Regional Director of the Electoral Commission (EC), Mrs.  Faith Amedzake made the statement at a sensitization workshop organised by the EC with funding from European Union (EU) to educate women on the electoral process and their role as stakeholders in the election to ensure peace and fairness.

The Ghanaian Times reports that, according to Nana Akufo Addo, the Presidential Candidate for the New Patriotic Party, “Upper East will be agriculture hub”. The Paper says that the NPP administration will focus on making the Upper East Region a major agricultural hub. According  to the Presidential candidate, with several hectares of arable land  available  in the region, the provision of  irrigation facilities, through  the 1-village -1-Dam’ policy  will transform  the  fortunes of the  region and its people  and make  it a potential bread basket for the country.

According to The Finder story “NPP Questions $300m Contracts", the  opposition  New Patriotic  Party (NPP) it has  documents pointing to  shady  deals  awarded by government  to indirectly  fund  President  John  Mahama’s second  term bid. The party  cited  a British  company, Santa Baron  Ventures, which  has been given  a contract  to supply  some  equipment  to National  Security  worth  $300million.

The Enquirer in its headline, “Politicians  told  to be sincere to voters”, says, politicians  and their  supporters to be sincere to voters  and step  back from  lies  and deception  to win power. According to the story, Mrs. Ama Duncan,  founder of the Fabulous  Woman Network, a peace  advocacy  group, said  it was  important  to bring  some level  of integrity  into’’ our politics.

According to the Daily Post headline “Violent Akufo Addo shares pepper spray to macho men”, the NPP flag bearer, Nana Akufo-Addo, ahead of the December 7, 2016 elections has distributed pepper sprays to the many machomen he had contracted to intimidated voters on the D-day. A pepper spray is a chemical that irritates the eyes to cause tears, pain and temporary blindness. It is used in policing riot control, crowd control and personal defence. Its inflammatory effect causes the eyes to close, taking away vision. It is stored in a small container and used by spraying into the face of its intended victim.

The Ghanaian Lens, in its story, “NPP’s wild promises intended to destroy Ghana’s destiny, President  John  Mahama has said the wild  election promises  by the New  Patriotic  Party (NPP) are  meant  to deceive  Ghanaians  into acting  in a manner that will help  them  destroy  the  destiny  of the country. The President  referred  to the  NPP’s “one community, one dam’’ “one district, one factory” and  “one  constituency, one  million dollars” among  other promises as wild  election gimmicks intended to deceive  Ghanaians  to disrupt the  steady growth  currently  happening under his administration.


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