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It's Time To Reconcile
Wednesday 16th November 2011

Several months ago Liberians embarked on an electoral process as a means of exercising their democratic franchise as required by the Constitution of Liberia which states among other things, that voting for the President, Vice President and members of the National Legislature shall be held once every six years.

 In keeping with the constitutional mandate, Liberians on October 11, 2011, despite all of the delays associated with the process, finally went to the polls in mass to satisfy the constitutional mandate by electing their new leaders to steer the affairs of the state for the next six years.

 Liberians were pleased with the massive turnout during the first round of the process, not only that, but they were very happy as the process was free and void of violence and disturbance something Liberians were praised for by the international community and foreign observers for the mature manner in which the citizens voted in the elections.

 Despite consistent plea by this paper and other institutions and individuals for the spirit of October 11 to continue in the Run-Off, we saw the contrary as bloody clashes erupted when some supporters of the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) clashed with officers of the Liberia National Police thus, resulting to the death of a citizen with several sustaining injuries.

 Now that the process has ended, it is undoubtedly then time for national reconciliation and healing of the wounds created as a result of the just-ended elections. Liberians must now embark on the process of reconciliation by embracing one another again as one family and put the past behind.

 It is a known fact that during the election period we got at each other with verbal assaults and sometimes through personal attacks like the burning of vehicles and houses and so on. But the good thing is that the election period has ended and it is time to move ahead and embrace the winner of the elections and work with them in the interest of our dear country remembering that Liberia us our common patrimony which all of us as Liberians no matter your tribe, political or ethnic affiliation must cherish.

 Let Liberians consider the Lemah Gbowee Peace Committee as the best tool to heal the wounds created in the past. In so doing, we therefore admonish the winners including President Ellen Johnson-Sirleaf to take the lead in fostering the process of national reconciliation.

 Madam sirleaf and others who won during the just ended elections must reach out to the losers by extending an olive branch to them as a sign of reconciling Liberians. We believe that with genuine reconciliation especially from the head of government, Liberia will make tremendous progress in the rebuilding process of the country which was devastated as a result of the nearly 14 years of political unrest.

 Again, with the end of the electoral process, it is now time for genuine reconciliation and healing of the wounds but we wish to call on the President-elect and members-elect of the 53rd National Legislature to take the lead in the reconciliation process.

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