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Liberia Elections News Review - 1st June 2011
Wednesday 1st June 2011
Sirleaf-Boakai Ticket tops FPA Electoral Polls, Brumskine- Siakor Second
With a second round of voting which would pit President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf against the Liberty Party’s Charles Walker Brumskine, Liberians voting electronically via a Front Page Africa electoral poll preferred a hold onto power by the ruling UP if the presidential election was held today. Under the caption “If the Elections were Today-Who will win?” Hundreds of FPA online readers have voted the Sirleaf-Boakai ticket in an opinion poll that sees the newly crafted team of Brumskine-Siakor overtaking the popular but restructured opposition ticket of Winston Tubman and George Weah.

UP says it did nothing wrong by allowing So-called CDCians to use President Sirleaf’s photo on it’s Emblem
According to the Front Page Africa, the Unity Party led-government is trying to maintain what it calls a clean sheet for governance in Liberia since it became winner of the heavily contested 2005 General and Presidential Elections. The Party has upturned reports by the Opposition Congress for Democratic Change that it supported the use of its Standard Bearer’s photo on its party emblem.
Speaking at a news conference on Tuesday, the party’s assistant secretary general for press and publicity, Neto Zarzar Lighe told journalists that he was surprised that the CDC’s standard bearer Cllr Winston Tubman is beginning to blame the ruling party for not stopping the usage of Johnson-Sirleaf’s photo on it’s party emblem.

NEC Data Machine Detects Thousands of Cases, Says Prosecution Inevitable…..
Prior to the commencement of voter’s registration in January, the National Elections Commission warned that new technologies were expected in the country to track down anyone daring to engaging in fraud by registering twice.
As though the warning was not keen enough, thousands of people , apparently ignoring the warning, have reportedly registered in several parts of Liberia for as many as two times or more Front Page Africa reports.

Over Violation of Electoral Laws...UP Challenges CDC
The Heritage Newspaper reports that, the ruling Unity Party has thrown out a challenge to the opposition Congress for Democratic Change to provide evidence that the usage of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s portrait on the emblem of the CDC violated any provision of the electoral laws.
The standard bearer of CDC, Cllr Winston Tubman, told a news conference Monday that his party’s lawyers were studying the possibility of filing a lawsuit against the usage of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s portrait on the CDC’s emblem.

Supuwood: The Game is Over
The newly named Vice Standard bearer of the National Unioun for Democratic Progress (NUDP), Cllr. J Laveli Supuwood says the party is over for those who dominated the lives of Liberian people without any vision and love for the nation.
Cllr. Supuwood said “It is time for serious business. The Monrovia elites that had dominated the lives of the Liberian people without a vision for the nation and its people must now yield to the dawn of new day. The Inquirer

Brumskine Vows to Avoid Rigged Elections
The political leader of the Liberty Party Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine says his party will do all within it’s power to avoid rigging and violence in the ensuing elections.
The Inquirer reports Cllr. Brumskine said his party will continue to engage the National Elections Commission legally so as to avoid those things that might create election violence or a rig election saying “We have taken the Elections Commission to court to do certain things the right way.

UP reacts to CDC’s Claim
The ruling Unity Party (UP) has reacted sharply to the opposition Congress for Democratic Change which linked President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to undermining the efforts of the opposition’s block and Liberia’s young democracy.
On Monday, the CDC’s first partisan Cllr Winston Tubman accused the UP flag bearer and the Liberian leader of launching a nasty political strategy to weaken the opposition block and to undermine the country’s democracy.
The Inquirer


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