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Liberia Elections News Review -6 Th June 2011
Monday 6th June 2011
SLUGFEST - Opposition Weighing in on Ellen’s Campaign Team
Front Page Africa reports that, few hours after the incumbent Unity Party government in post war Liberia announced its campaign team for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, the opposition camp has begun to raise stinking reactions on the team with Charles Brumskine’s Liberty Party and Prince Johnson’s National Union for Democratic Progress have taken the ruling party to task, describing the campaign team announced last week as corrupt, sad, unsurprising and waste of tax payer’s money and time.

Front Page Africa further reports that senior officials named in the re-election of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf campaign team should resign their government jobs to avoid unnecessary political hullabaloo.
Several Officials serving in the incumbent government of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf herald a list of candidates named to assist the re-election efforts of the ruling party.
The Party in a two page statement last week announced the selection of what it described as a broad-based National Campaign Committee comprising several but controversial figures currently in government or fresh from the opposition camp.

Provide more information on Referendum - MEDIA TELLS NEC
In an effort to ensure that Liberians enjoy a violence free electioneering process, participants at a one day Youth, Media and Information for peaceful elections working session has called on the National Elections Commission to make itself more available to the media for the provision of relevant information on the referendum in Liberia’s various vernaculars and simple Liberian English.
At a working session held at a local hotel in Monrovia, participants called on NEC to be more accessible in order to have information adequately disseminated to the media for public consumption which will lead to appropriate decision making.

NDC Demands President Sirleaf
The National Democratic Coalition of Ambassador Dew Tuan Mayson has questioned whether President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is slipping or simply not up to the task.
According to a fiery release emanating from the NDC, since the latest flip flop of President Sirleaf one day appointing Mr. Emmanuel Shaw as Chairman of the board of the Roberts International Airport, the Atayee shops and the streets of Monrovia have been inundated with the question “Is President Sirleaf slipping or just not up to the task?” Front Page Africa

NUPC Demands Bishop Daniels ‘ Dismissal
The News is not happy about the inclusion of the leading church leader of the campaign team of the ruling Unity Party has sparked criticism from cross sections of the Liberian society, with calls that the religious man in question resign or be dismissed.
Bishop David Daniels, President of the Liberia Council of Churches, was last week named as member of the Unity Party’s Campaign committee.

Ellen’s Campaign Members Must Resign…..Senator Johnson’s Party Insists
The News also reports that Opposition National Union for Progressive Change says it agrees with Liberty Party that all political appointees who have also been appointed to serve on the campaign team of the ruling Unity Party must immediately resign their positions in Government.
NUPC said it is unacceptable for political appointees to engage in misuse of public funds and abuse of office to serve as members of a campaign team while at the same time serving as ministers.

Political Parties Strategies...To Avoid Electoral Violence
In The News, Political Parties gearing up for the pending general and presidential elections in the country over the week end concluded a three day consultative seminar to swiftly deal with issues of electoral violence.
The seminar was organized by Ibis West Africa and Foundation for Security and Development in Africa with funding from the West African Human Rights Democratization.

President’s Cabinet Campaign Machine Sparks Protest
Several opposition figures and civil society leaders are protesting the President’s cabinet backed presidential campaign committee, contending that it represents the misuse of public office with the difference between public resources and private ones being blurred.
The President last week unveiled her campaign machine comprising several cabinet ministers and others in charge of state coffers, including France Minister Augustine Ngafuan, Public Works Minister Samuel Kofi Woods, head of National Security and Welfare Corporation Francis Carbah, the controversial Minister of Gender and Development, Varbah Gayflor recently indicted in an audit report, church and defecting opposition figures. New Democrat

200,000 Voters May be Barred
The Daily Observer reports that a significant proportion of 271,000 people may not exercise their franchise during October’s presidential elections, the National Elections Commission has announced.
NEC said their names may be nullified during the elections because their registration was fraudulent.

Meet UP Campaign Team
The President has released the names of her campaign team comprising old and new guards to galvanize support for her re-election in October.

The Daily Observer lists some of the members as Senate Pro-Tempore Cletus Wotorson, chairman of the team. He represents Grand Kru County in the Senate and like President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf was the founding member of the Liberia Action Party.

Team of Defeat - PYJ Mocks Ellen’s Campaign Crew
The Informer reports that, the standard bearer of the National Union for Democratic Progress, Prince Y. Johnson has taunted President Sirleaf and the Ruling Unity Party for putting together a 38- Member Campaign committee describing it as a team of defeat.
PYJ termed the team as compromising the most corrupt people in Liberia, saying “It is a campaign team that is going to assure the defeat of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf come 2011 elections.


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