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Liberia Elections News Review - 7th June 2011
Tuesday 7th June 2011
Public Pressure
The Informer reports that following unremitted public criticism and condemnation, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, standard bearer of the ruling Unity (UP), has backtracked the appointment of Bishop David R.Daniels from her 38-member campaign committee, under what observer have described as “public pressure”.

UP Backtracks On Campaign Team
The Front page Africa also reports that, with four to five months remaining for the crucial 2011 general and presidential elections and as the National Elections Commission (NEC) is poised to officially declare campaign activities open early next month, the ruling Unity Party (UP) has given its strongest indication of a powerful campaign to ensure th re-election of its Standard Bearer, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
Not taking any chances and determined to get a second consecutive term, the incumbent has constituted what others have dubbed a double-edge campaign team that includes both hard working and ‘burdensome‘ members of her government.

Also in the Front Page Africa today The National Elections Commission (NEC) will hold a monthly Inter-Party Consultative Committee (IPCC) meeting on Friday, June 3, 2011 at the Quelu Farms and Resort in Careysburg City, Montserrado County.
The meeting, which is expected to be chaired by the NEC Chairman, James Fromayan, is intended to give political parties updates on events unfolding at the commission.

Traditional Council Blasts Politicians
According to the News today The National Traditional Council of Liberia (NTCL) says it is disappointed over pessimistic comments by some opposition leaders and public figures ahead of the pending general and presidential elections in the country.
The Council’s Chairman, Chief Zanzan Karwor said comments such as October would be chaotic, it would be the replication of the Ivorian elections, and referring to other opposition leaders as “Talibans and Al-Qaida”, are inciting and unpatriotic.

CDC Youths Remain Upbeat for Ellen’s Re-election
According to the Daily Observer, the over 500 youths and partisans of opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), who pledged their support for the re-election of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in March, 2011, have reaffirmed their commitment to and support for the second term bid of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
The CDians, under th banner “Free, Conscious, Independent and Objective Thinkers” gave the assurance yesterday during a formal declaration of support held in Logan Town.

Korto Wants Referendum Postponed
As Liberian citizens are actively preparing themselves for the referendum process in the country, many individuals are presenting diverse views about provisions being put forth, as some individuals are proposing changes in certain segments of the provision, while others concur.
Inprofile Daily has Former Education Minister, Dr. Joseph D.Z. Korto, has describing the National Elections Commission (NEC) referendum as “Recipe for bad elections.”

Women, Youths Schooled For Non-violent Elections
The participation of women and youths in the forthcoming general and presidential elections in Liberia appears to be a key focus on non-governmental organizations like Women in Peacebuilding Network (WIPNET-Liberia).
Organized under the banner, ‘Coalition Youths and Women for Transparent and Partipatory Electoral Process in Liberia’ EIPNET implemented a two-day workshop, which was sponsored by the Open Society Initiative of West Africa (OSIWA), in Gbarnga, Bong County. Reports by Inprofile Daily

No Violation
A group calling itself Free Thinkers of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC), whose plan to support President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf’s second term bid sparked commotion recently at the Monrovia City Hall, has opened new political debate by stating that the usage of the CDC logo was in no way violation of any law.
In a statement issued Thursday, the group declared, “We want to make it categorically clear that the use of the party emblem on a banner that carries a portrait of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf is in no way a violation of the law.” The Inprofile Daily captures

MOJA Takes Ellen to Task
The Analyst reports that, the political leader of the proposed Movement for Justice and Advancement (MOJA) party, Dr. Togba-Nah Tipoteh has called upon President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, Standard Bearer of the Unity Party to revisit her praises for the National Elections Commission (NEC).
In an open letter to the President, Dr. Tipoteh said perhaps President Sirleaf praised NEC without knowledge of the wrongdoings and pitfalls of NEC.

CDC Appoints Mulbah Morlu As Mobilization Chairman
According to the Inquirer , the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) says it has begun its planned internal restructuring process intended to coalesce every available mechanism to conquer the 2011 elections.
As the restructuring process takes shape, veteran Human Right advocate Mulbah Morlu has been named National Chairman for Mobilization, Recruitment and Membership, a key appointment that increases his responsibility to effectively oversee the party’s national recruitment and mobilization agenda.

MGD, UNFPA Train Female Political Aspirants
The Ministry of Gender and Development (MGD), in collaboration with the United Nations Family Planning[UNFPA],has ended a two-day workshop for female political aspirants in an effort to build their capacities in campaign skills in October 2011 legislature and presidential elections.
According to the Insight, the workshop was conducted on the theme, Increasing Skills of Female Aspirants in 2011 Electoral Process.

Perceptions, Victory & Defeat-The UP Campaign Team
The outcry from the opposition regarding the President’s campaign team, on which leading members of the cabinet and other officials in charge of the state coffers dominated, has been loud.
Whatever the reasons for the President’s change of heart in rescinding her decision on the campaign team, the New Democrat urges all to congratulate her for this honorable position in its editorial.

Players & Referees
The latent heat associated with 2011 elections’ campaign expected to kick-off in less than two months from now has already begun evaporating with its early fog saturating the ruling Unity Party, days after incumbent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced the formation of her campaign team.
President Sirleaf’s team, believed to be collective to marshal support for her re-election in October this year, has sparked a foul-smelling attack on UP from opposition political parties, branding some of the campaign team members as corrupt government officials, who the General Auditing Commission(GAC) hooked during audits when former Auditor-General John S. Morlu steered the affairs of the Commission.
Inprofile Daily

“No Running Mate”
As Liberian prepares for another political sojourn to elect its presidential at polls, there are chains of Political missteps carried on by both the incumbent and members of the opposition block, including the latest pronouncement by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and a called-off planned demonstration by Mr. Simon Freeman, political leader for the Movement for Progressive Change(MPC).
Following a report published in the FrontPage in which a well placed source of the National Democratic Coalition(NDC) OF Professor Dew Mayson hinted that he was planning to oust Jewel Howard Taylor as a possible running mate, the tough spoken politician has reacted sharply. FrontPage reports


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