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Liberia Elections News Review - 8th June 2011
Wednesday 8th June 2011

LP Presidential Team Tours Bong
We start the days review with the story by The Analyst that,citizens of Bong County, in central Liberia, have demonstrated their support for Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine and Sen. Franklin Siakor of the opposition Liberty Party(LP) over the weekend.

The manifestation was actualized when the political Leader of the opposition Liberty Party, Cllr. Charles W. Brumskine, was led by his presidential running mate, Bong County Junior Sen. Franklin Siakor on a tour of cities, towns, and villages in the county to present the Liberty Party’s 2011 election ticket.

Perceptions, Victory& Defeat-The UP Campaign Team
An editorial from the New Democrat: The outcry from the opposition regarding the President’s campaign team, on which leading members of the cabinet and other officials of the state coffers dominated , has been loud.

Whatever the reasons for the President’s change of heart in rescinding her decision on the campaign team, we must congratulate her for this honorable position.
The President’s decision demonstrates strength, not weakness, for a leader who listens to cries in the wilderness with compassion, possesses character. In the past, such protests would have been answered with the arrogance of power. This was not the case. We are getting somewhere.
There were grounds for reconsideration. The opposition believes that naming cabinet members as campaigners represents conflict of interest. More than that, they contended that this is yet another example of misuse of public office since ministers, armed with state resources and other paraphernalia, will simply use them in the service of a party, which is a conglomeration of individuals in a private union organized to win state power.

Dew Favors Jewel
Dew Tuan-Wleh Mayson who is widely believed t be tipped for the post of standard bearer of the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) says he has ‘explicit confidence’ in Madam Jewel Howard Taylor.

According to the Daily Observer, Mr. Mayson visited the Capitol Building offices of Madam Taylor, where he said he would be pleased to work with the Bong County Senior Senator who is also the wife of former President Charles Taylor.
Daily Observer

Veto Increment In Candidates’ Registration Fees If……
…Bropleh Tells Ellen
Former Information Minister Rev. Dr. Laurence K. Bropleh has called on President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to veto the controversial bill seeking to increase candidates’ registration if the house of Senate concurs with the House of Representatives in the passage of the bill.
According to the Heritage, Dr. Bropleh, a representative aspirant, said the bill should not be given credence by the President. The bill is currently before the Liberian Senate for concurrence.

Ellen Re-Election Influence Hits Universities
As opposition political parties including the Congress for Democratic Change (CDC) recently accused the ruling Unity Party of financially influencing their partisans to give support to the second term bid of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, students of various universities across Monrovia are said to be experiencing financial enticement from the ruling party. The son of the President, Robert Sirleaf, is the campaign by financing students of various universities to give support to his mother’s second term bid.

According to sources who preferred anonymity, Mr. Sirleaf is actively supporting a campus-based political group calling itself, Universities Students in Support of the Re- Election of Ellen (USSURE), in order to create massive awareness on their various campuses. In Profile Daily reports


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