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Liberia Elections News Review - 16 Th June 2011
Thursday 16th June 2011

SOUP Reaffirms Support For Ellen
The Inquirer has the supporters of the Unity Party(SOUP), in the United States have reaffirmed their support for President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf and the Unity Party for the positive social economic and political developments in post conflict Liberia.
Presenting a statement to the President on her recent visit to the State of Rhode Island, U.S.A on behalf of the organization, SOUP Secretary General , Mr. Emmanuel Paulus praised the Unity Party led government for it’s extraordinary leadership of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for it’s extraordinary leadership and the many social developments initiatives being undertaken in the last five years.

Liberty Party Defeated In Constituency Demarcation Saga
In the News today, the Supreme Court has lifted the still order placed on the ongoing constituency demarcation by the National Elections Commission.
The stay order was placed on the process by the Supreme Court based on an 8-count petition for the issuance of prohibition filed by the Liberty Party (LP) against the NEC this year.

Liberia Must Not Go Backward...US Envoy Praises Post-War Efforts
The News also has the US Ambassador to Liberia has heaped praises on Liberia post war progress, warning that everything must be done to avoid going backward.
Ambassador Linda Thomas- Greenfield said as the nation and people approach the 2011 elections season, Liberians must be cognizant that this is their chance to determine whether the country is rooted in democratic soil or tell how much more work needs to be done in order to avoid regression.

Fragile States Fear Post Elections Chaos
According to the Informer Stakeholders of fragile states met in Monrovia for the second international dialogue of peace building and state building have described Liberia’s second post war democracy as as critical to the country’s future and challenged Liberians to maintain the progress to avoid slipping back into chaos.
They called on Liberians to work towards the successful and peaceful hosting of the 2011 general elections and avoid the examples of neighboring Ivory Coast and Kenya, were post election chaos claimed thousands of lives and send millions on their heels for safety in refugee camps.

Give heed to ECOWAS warning
ECOWAS, the West African Regional Grouping, has warned of the possibility of mercenaries destabilizing Liberia before the General and Presidential elections in October this year.
ECOWAS issued the warning recently predicting that returning Liberian mercenaries who fought for deposed Laurent Gbagbo and the current president of Ivory Coast, Alassane Ouattara have the capacity to cause chaos in the country before and after the October 2011 polls. The Informer Editorial

No Delivery Until PRESIDENCY
The Front Page Africa reports that, Brumskine Formula for Tackling Healthcare Liberty Party standard bearer Charles Walker Brumskine has put his quest for the Liberian presidency on the record with a pledge to make healthcare a top priority if he is elected the next president of Liberia.
Addressing residents in Nyehn, Todee District last weekend, Brumskine responding to Fatu F. Konah a certified Nurse working at the Nyehn Health Center, said healthcare is a major priority for his party.

NEC, Liberty Party Clash As Commission Resumes Delineation Process Opposition Liberty Party and the National Elections Commission (NEC) were on Thursday caught up in what seemed to be a war of words after the NEC blamed the party for setback the delineation processes has suffered.
NEC Chairman, James Fromayan announced at a news conference Thursday, June 16 that the commission has won the legal battle it had been drawn into, growing out of a complaint filed by the LP before the Supreme Court. Front Page Africa concludes.


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