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Liberia Elections News Review - 20 Th June 2011
Monday 20th June 2011
Today's news is dominated by the sex scandal involving Simeon Freeman of the MPC and the backlash by the press following the war of words between the MPC and MICAT. Read more of this saga below

The Front Page Africa starts today's news analysis with the question whether the Publishers Association of Liberia can Justify Its Media Blackout on Simeon Freeman and his MPC indefinitely, while announcing just one month for MICAT? and goes further to ask whether PAL’s action was done in conformity or with Ethics and Freedom of the Press or just the Unusual Indirect Interference of the Media by “the Powers that be”?
The Political leader of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), Simeon Freeman has become the latest attraction and a subject of National discussion over the last two weeks after he was accused by a woman of sleeping with her and failed to make good a promise.
Freeman as well as the Spokesperson of his party have both been linked to “raining insults on the Presidency”, a situation that has led to a media blackout by the Publishers Association of Liberia (PAL) followed by Truth FM radio.

Zipper Saga Sparks Condemnation
…In Defense of Ellen, Women Group Vent Anger
The News has it that, what appears to be a war of words between the Ministry of Information and a presidential aspirant, who is alleged to have had sexual intercourse with a 26 year old woman have ignited a fury in certain quarters as condemnation continues to pull from several women groups.
On Saturday, a group of women claiming to be representing more than 200 women groups in the country condemned the presidential aspirant of the Movement for Progressive Change for allegedly insulting President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.

Fiery-tongued Politicians under fire
The Analyst says the recent vows and threats by the Ministry of Information, Cultural Affairs and Tourism (MICAT) to take national discourse in the gutter have come true in the unrelenting volleys of insults and curses that have characterized public debate over the national issues and traded by public figures in the last few months.
One particular group that accepted the gutter discourse challenge from MICAT is the Movement for Progressive Change which appears to even undo Government spokesperson in the crudity of their language.

Media Blackout on Freeman
The Daily Observer reaffirms the position of the Publishers Association of Liberia (PAL), who in collaboration with several electronic media institutions, has with immediate effect imposed an indefinite media Blackout on the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC) and its standard bearer Simeon Freeman.
The decision stands from the fact that the Association has observed with consternation and indignation the unprecedented raining of chilling insults on the Liberian Presidency by Mr. Freeman and his MPC team added the PAL release.

Journalist Schooled for Referendum, Elections Reporting
A cross section of journalist from both print and electronic media from across Liberia have attended a two day media workshop on the forthcoming referendum and elections in the country.
The workshop took place in the coastal city of Buchanan, Grand Bassa County, from June 17-18 under the theme: Fostering Partnership for Professional Media Coverage of 2011 Referendum and elections. In Profile Daily reports

Journalists’ Role Critical in 2011 Elections
The Heritage have the Liberian Minister of Planning and Economic Affairs, Amara Konneh underscoring the need for journalists in the country to exhibit high degree of professionalism in the charge of their assigned task.
He said the role of journalists in the country, particularly during this election season cannot be over emphasized.

The Supreme Court on the Elections
How NEC Escaped Disaster
The New Democrat concludes today's session with the news that, elections in Africa hardly end without court action, and here, more legal wrangles are expected, particularly after losers and winners are declared.
But for now, the National Elections Commission has escaped what could have easily turned to be a political disaster with serious implications for stability, since the scheduled elections would have been threatened, if not cancelled had Cllr. Charles Brumskine’s Liberty Party triumphed over NEC in its legal action against the re-apportionment of electoral districts.


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