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Nec Launches Civic/voters Education For 2011 National Referendum
Thursday 7th April 2011

The ceremony was performed on Tuesday, April 5, at the commission’s headquarters at 9th Street, Sinkor. NEC chairman, James Fromayan, told reporters similar civic education was taking place simultaneously in the nineteen (19) magisterial offices across the country. This, he said, was as part of an intensive public awareness campaign carved and fashioned in a pattern that would reach all citizens.

Campaign for the referendum starts May 1, and voting takes place on August 23, 2011. The constitutional referendum will be the first in 25 years. The 150 day civic/voters’ education will enlighten voters in the various vernaculars and simple Liberian English.

The four propositions Liberians will vote upon are to amend Article 52c, which proposes the reduction of residency for the president and vice president from 10 to 5 years prior to elections.

Article 83b proposes elections for all public offices except for president and vice president and shall be simple majority of the valid votes cast in any election.

Article 83a also proposes that the current election date be changed; and a date for president and vice president, lawmakers, chiefs, city mayors and council members.

Article 72c calls for the Chief Justice, Associate Justices of the Supreme Court and Judges of Subordinate Courts of the records to serve for life except they shall be retired at age 75.
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