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A New Democrat Opinion: Simeon Freeman Is Not A Serious Presidential Candidate
Friday 24th June 2011
Since Simeon Freeman allege sex scandal was reported few weeks ago,the leader of the opposition party, the Movement for Progressive Change has failed miserably to put out a strong defense as per the allegation level against him. Instead, he has taken the airwaves and been very busy attacking and insulting president Sirleaf and others in government accusing them of being responsible for masterminding the allegation against him.

In a media boom environment, one would think that a serious presidential contender would do everything humanly possible to clear his name of a scandal of this magnitude that has the propensity to derail his quest for the presidency. But Freeman failure to direct his attention and resources to the scandal makes political presidential elections. Why? Evidently, a serious presidential candidate burned down his winning chances just by scandal and engaging in pitiless politics especially against a female challenger and or incumbent.

Why would anyone in his or right mind seeking an office publicly insult a woman especially a female President? Or did President Sirleaf commit a crime to guarantee freedom of speech? It is worth mentioning that the freedom we are enjoying and abusing today has never been experienced in the history of Liberia.

Freeman’s uncivilized and cowardly act of insulting a female President as a result of the political environment this government has maintained for the past years freedom of speech and the press. This is an unacceptable fact we all know too well regardless of our political views. What would have happen to Freeman and his family had this been in the past or under previous regimes? He would have disappeared.

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