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Political Dead Weight Or Political Capital?
Wednesday 15th June 2011
An analysis of legislative politicking As campaign date draws nearer, the political landscape is becoming charged by the day. It is expected that these elections will pull few exceptional differences. One, it is likely that the number of political parties though more than previous times will be reduced through series of mergers and alliances.

Secondly, the number of candidates vying for seats in the Legislature is expected to increase more than ever in the electioneering history.
These two facts however are not necessarily the issue at bay, but represent an intro into a critical analysis of how political parties can either gain windfall or downfall from current and incoming supporters.

That said, let’s come back to our legislative candidates. Few assumptions are in order. One, they could be doing so because of the same reasons as ordinary Liberians. Second, it could be the result of internal political crisis or better still, they have lost respect and popularity within their parties and that the pending primaries might create a road block in their re-election bid.
Rule one: if you are no longer popular in your own party it implies, that your chances of winning re-election in your own party or another party are slim.

Rule two: if you think that joining the Unity Party will shed you from losing election, then rule one is justified. So then, why join the ruling party when the odds are against you from the four corners of theearth? Two things are again in order: in most cases, those who are running from fire in their parties to the Unity Party are nothing short of liabilities- waiting to ride on the tail coat of Madame President. Second, the new legislative members joining the unity party
are proposing that their coming over grant them privileges from participating in the party’s primaries.

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