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Awaiting Re-emphasizes Its Commitment To Hold August Referendum
Wednesday 29th June 2011
The National Elections Commission (NEC) says it remains committed to the conduct of the national referendum of August 23.

During the referendum, one point seven (1.7) million registered voters are to say yes or no to four propositions contained in the 1986 constitution. These are change in the date second Tuesday in October to the second Tuesday in November, a simple majority for all elected posts except for the vice President and President, which will be decided by an absolute majority; the proposition seeking a change to the retirement age of the Chief Justice and associate Court from 70 to 75 year and a change in the residency clause from 10 to five years.

Blamo Sie, NEC referendum coordinator, said the commission is mobilizing resources to help drum the people’s active participation in the process. “We are working with civil society groups and other partners to help pass on the message of the referendum to all eligible voters in the country,” Sie said.

He added that “here have been meetings on the referendum taking place in all of the 136 districts of the country,” and disclosed that NEC is working with traditional leaders and civil society groups, as well as the media to spread message of the referendum.

Sie described the UNDP as a strategic partner in efforts seeking to ensure the success of the referendum. “The UNDP Elections Basket Fund which is being supported by several donors and partners is crucial to sailing us through a credible and successful referendum”

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