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Beyond Democracy...a Crowded Political Landscape
Monday 4th July 2011
Multi part democracy in Africa could be suitably described as spoilt party democracy given the approach mechanisms politicians portray during the conduct of national elections in different African countries at different schedules and timetables. Liberia is no exception to the African’s concept of embracing multi party democracy, so too are challenges and misgivings insight.

Prior to the Liberian conflict, the formation of several political parties to contest national elections was the focus of politicians like those in other African countries that practice multi party democracy, which purpose has often been advocated to dislodge one party system. The intent remains to halt ‘so say one, so say all’ to the election of public servants to state power.

As a matter of fact, Liberian political scientists who braved the pebble when the quest was unanimously championed decades ago were the giants of change, who paved the way for the crowded political landscape today. Wrong to say whoever they were did undermine the system Liberians deserve.

However, it is fair to note that, stand to be corrected, the intent was to allow fewer parties to participate in
national elections to the extent that eligible voters would not be confused in determining the best leaders to serve them.

But, here is Liberia again; having put up more than 20 political parties for the 2005 elections, gearing up with 25 or more registered parties to contest the general and presidential elections planned for October this year. It is true that there is no restriction as far as multi party system is concerned as to how many political parties should be organized for any given national elections, yet such opened gate to political ambitions is becoming exploited for wrong reasons in Liberia.

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