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Towards A Peaceful Liberia 2011 Campaign
Wednesday 6th July 2011

Today marks an important event in the electoral process of the country as the national campaign for the 2011 elections is expected to begin. During this time, registered political parties, alliances and coalitions in Liberia will begin the process of campaigning for votes as the country gradually moves towards the holding of Legislative and Presidential Elections. Already, most of the political parties have had their conventions, electing their standard bearers and vice standard bearers, while other individuals have announced that they will be contesting the process as independent candidates.

The election may be quite different from those held in previous years. This time around, there will be a referendum, which is expected to take place in August this year to make some amendments or maintain certain provisions of the Liberian  constitution. Massive awareness and sensitization activities have been going on to ensure the success of the referendum.
It is common knowledge that campaign is intended to afford the parties and candidates ideas to the voters, and at the same time explain to them what they intend to do should they be elected.

Additionally, this is a process by which the parties and candidates will be interacting with the electorates. As the process begins with more than 25 political parties and several candidates, it is necessary to urge all participants to ensure that the process be peaceful as anything contrary to this could undermine the process. This is why the Inquirer is calling on the participants to act properly for a successful process. The process should not be used as a time to trade insults, but to discuss issues and explain their platforms; to deal with the issues and avoid personal attacks that may send bad blood
into the electorates.

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