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Nec And The Campaign Process
Friday 8th July 2011
What seems to be a serious troubling sign have emerged at the National Elections Commission with the launch of official campaign for the upcoming general and presidential elections without the qualifications of candidates and or demarcation of electoral districts, among other short comings.

As the body charged with the duty to conduct and supervise elections in the country, the NEC appears to have placed the cart before the horse, thereby leaving not only aspirants and political parties in doubts, but eligible voters as well, scratching their heads, thinking who are the candidates, particularly those vying for legislative posts and for which districts.

These early mistakes may appear to be insignificant for now, but they have the potential to develop into future problems along the way to actual voting day. For instance, due to the lack of education and information from the commission, voters could inadvertently select candidates or inaccurately mark ballots, which may automatically disqualify such ballots, and therefore deny a most favored candidate from winning.

We would like to remind the James Fromoyan-chaired National Elections Commission to be cognizant of the fact that stakeholders and international partners have invested so much resources and time in this process therefore, the NEC should proceed with utmost circumspect to ensure a successful outcome. It is not enough for the commission to be calling on parties, aspirants and electorates to campaign without violence, but where the exercise itself is beclouded with inadequate information and uncertainties, chaos would be knocking at the door.

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