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A Liberian Democracy To Make You Proud
Wednesday 20th July 2011

In today’s News newspaper editorial, headlined ... A Liberian Democracy to Make You Proud, the paper writes...As campaigning begins for and against the constitutional referendum, and as the delineation of new electoral districts gets underway tomorrow, I congratulate Liberia on a successful voter registration exercise, and encourage all Liberians to continue to work together to ensure that the electoral process is equitable and just and guarantees Liberia’s democratic future.

The United States remains a committed partner of Liberia and will continue to support all democratic processes that ensure that the Liberian people choose how they are to be governed.
This year promises to be a busy one for Liberia’s democracy, as voter registration gives way to boundary demarcation, a referendum, and a general election.

With so much activity, and so much at stake, it is important that all of these events go well and that Liberians enjoy free and fair elections. The voter registration process was a clear success that built the foundation for free elections. For the first time in 20 years, newly registered voters will participate in elections; an impressive 1.8 million voters have been registered. By registering to vote, Liberians strengthen their democracy. I urge all of you to exercise your most precious right as responsible citizens and vote in the referendum and general election.

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