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Elections Commentary: Every Candidate Is Entitled To My Opinion
Monday 18th July 2011
Peaceful Elections for State-building:Unwritten Rules of the Game
In my last article, I argued that national security is a necessary precondition to foreign investment and jobs in Liberia. This is why our 2011 elections approach, we are haunted by a well founded fear of post elections violence. All Liberians- civil society organizations, political parties, candidates, supporters and voters alike-must do everything to ensure that the process of our upcoming elections remain peaceful.

Election related violence has the potential to undermine the gains we have made in peace building, economic development and social progress as a nation. In this article, I will argue that avoiding  election-related violence in Liberia begins with the behaviors and attitudes of all candidates representing the various political parties; it begins with their campaign rhetoric and what they say and do to restrain the possibility of political confusion and violence
before and after elections results are announced.

In the United States of America, a revolution occurs every four years. It is a peaceful revolution. It is an organized revolution. It is a different kind of revolution called elections. Election is a revolution because, every four years, American citizens gather
peacefully at voting stations and decide, by casting their ballots, whether to put a ruling government back in power or to remove it. In the process, those who lose the race often call their opponents who win and congratulate them for their victory.

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