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Let's Rally Around Nec For Democratic Elections
Wednesday 20th July 2011
As the nation and its people gears up for the upcoming general and presidential elections including, the national referendum, it is incumbent upon all and sundry to positively support the National Elections Commission (NEC) to this call to civic and national duty.

Though NEC has somehow been lackadaisical in some of its responsibilities especially the electoral timetable, this is the one issue that all Liberians have to tackle at this crucial period of our fragile democracy which is already plagued with tension and greed.

Many have been appealing to politicians and their supporters to run a clean political campaign in the spirit of harmony, realizing that elections are about tolerance, political accommodation and freedom from the scourge of socio economic and political domination.

The Independent therefore calls on every Liberian, old or young, rich or poor, connected or nonsensical to assist NEC by making the exercise free fair so that God-given right of every citizen as enshrined in the constitution to exercise their franchise, should be obtainable to operate in the elections by voting in a peaceful and organized manner for the betterment of their common folks.
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