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Opinion: Why Madam Sirleaf Will Win Easily
Tuesday 2nd August 2011
Considering past and recent events and situations, our Issues Desk ventures to present some reasons why the incumbent President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, may easily win her second term bid.

I am sure there will be people who, after reading this article, in fact just by their seeing the title of the article- would want to conclude that I have been bought by either Madam Sirleaf or her party. They would be wrong, of course, but they have the right to from their opinion. There's nothing I can do about it. I believe that an opinion is like life; every living thing has it. What I do wish as a-stated supra, is to present some reasons- at least fifteen of them- why Madam Sirleaf may conquer all the other presidential candidates in the ensuing elections and easily emerge as the next president. Let us therefore begin the argumentation in that direction.
One reason why Madam Sirleaf may win this year's elections is that the Liberia's US $4.7 billion foreign debt was cancelled not only under her leadership but also through her efforts. This has made the country debt free. This is a milestone for the nation and its people. It did not happen under President Taylor. Because of this great achievement, a lot of people who know and understand what this means for the country could vote for her in droves, causing her to win the election.

Another reason why Madame Sirleaf may win this election with ease is that the opposition is in disarray. There is too much division among political parties and within political parties. This is grave weakness on the part of the opposition.

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