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Liberia Elections 2011 News Review - 22nd June 2011
Wednesday 22nd June 2011
We All Have Responsibility to Keep Liberia Peaceful
….NEC Boss Tells Journalists
National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman, Mr. James Fromayan, has called on journalists in the country to exercise high degree of professionalism as they report on the pending National Referendum and the pending Presidential and Legislative elections.
The National Referendum is scheduled to take place on August 23, while the presidential and general elections are slated for the second Tuesday in October or November this year. Heritage Newspaper

Confusion in TWP Again?
Confusion has once again engulfed the True Whig Party as two different factions are claiming legitimacy. The faction controlled by embattled Chairman Peter Vuku at a recent convention joined the ranks of other opposition political parties to
pledge its support to the second term bid of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf in the ensuing General and Presidential elections while the interim leadership claimed that the process was fraudulent. The Inquirer

NEC Warns Against Unchecked Reporting
Says its consequence will harm all Liberians
National Elections Commission (NEC) Chairman James Fromayan, has warned news-gatherer to be conscious and careful in discharging their journalistic duties during the 2011 electoral process. He emphasized that the consequence of  unchecked or negating reportage would not only affect NEC but all Liberians. Daily Observer

As The Campaign Begins…. (Editorial)
The much awaited campaign for the election of new leaders will officially open in nearly two weeks. The ensuing elections promises to be hot as candidates for president and legislative posts will unveil their platforms for public scrutiny and analyze the prevailing economic situation with the view to determining whether there is considerable improvement in the living standard of the people. It’s all about seeking more votes. The stage has already been set for the contest with political gladiators making overtures in order to win support. The management of the election process should be, at the minimum,
smooth and transparent. The electorate should have confidence that those that the electoral authorities say have won in the process are those that the electoral authorities say have won in the process are the people that they cast their votes for. This transparency will reduce the tendency to suspect foul play that may eventually resort to violence. Daily Observer

Towards Less Dirty Politicking (Editorial)
An unfortunate situation has developed when the Standard Bearer of the Opposition Movement for Progressive Change, and also, a presidential aspirant, Mr. Simeon Freeman called in the police to take custody of a woman who had gone at his house at odd hours to disturb him. The police dutifully arrested the woman, but while she was in police custody, the woman alleged that she had gone to Mr. Freeman’s house to disturb him because Mr. Freeman had failed to settle his sex bill with
her. Mr. Freeman denied the allegation and raised suspicion that President Johnson Sirleaf and her ruling party government had conspired to link him to a sex scandal in order to get him out of the Presidential race. Information Minister Cletus Sieh in response said “If he cannot keep his zip up, he must answer for his lifestyle”. Mr. Freeman on the other hand had hit back and said it was the information Minister boss, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf who zipper was always down. These
exchanges have drawn mixed reactions in public and private. The News

This daily news  review is compiled by African Elections Project (AEP) and the LMC media monitoring service, Monvrovia, Liberia.

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