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Campaign: Keep It Clean And Peaceful
Tuesday 5th July 2011
According to the timetable or key electoral dates for the 2011 general and presidential elections released by the National Elections Commission political campaign kicks off across the country today, July 5, 2011.

During this hectic political period which runs up to October 9, 2011, at least 700 candidates will struggle to win the confidence of the Liberian people to serve in various elective positions for six years. The number will include at least 25 candidates who have already registered for the presidency and hundreds of senatorial and representative’s slots around the country. All of the politicians will be heavily involved in selling their ideas and canvassing for supports form 1.7 million eligible voters across the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia.

The political campaign as is always the case, will be characterized by debates from opposing sides and fabulous and unrealistic promises and well crafted sugar quoted platforms from candidates and their supporters to persuade voters.

Without mincing words, the next three months of political fireworks will be very critical to Liberia’s second post war democratic elections which, Liberians here and abroad and the international community have described as a turning point for the nation and its people who saw peace only eight years ago following a generation of turmoil.

Even after eight years of uninterrupted peace, Liberians are still packing up their broken pieces and rebuilding their lives, homes, institutions and communities. Indeed, this year’s elections are a litmus test for the maturity of the democracy in the country. It will determine whether democracy will continue in the current path of development and progress, or will slip backward into the once bloody past.

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