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Liberia Elections 2011 News Review - 5th July 2011
Tuesday 5th July 2011
As NEC Officially Declares Campaigning Today: Who Is Qualified to Campaign?
..Eyebrows Raised

The National Elections Commission (NEC) says it will today, Tuesday, July 5, 2011 officially announce the commencement of political campaign for the much publicized 2011 Presidential and General Elections. According to the NEC Media Advisory issued in Monrovia Monday, the Chairman of the NEC, Mr. James M. Fromayan, will address a press conference at the Commission’s Headquarters in Sinkor, Monrovia, explaining why it is allowing the political parties to campaign for the positions of president, members of the House of Representatives and the Liberian Senate.
Heritage Newspaper

Towards A Peaceful Campaign
Today marks an important event in the electoral process of the country as the national campaign for the 2011 elections is expected to begin. During that time, registered political parties, alliances and coalitions in Liberia will begin the process of campaigning for votes as the country gradually moves towards the holding of Legislative and Presidential Elections. Already, most of the political parties have had their conventions, electing their standard bearers and vice standard bearers, while other individuals have announced that they will be contesting the process as independent candidates. The election might quite be different from those held in previous years. This time around, there will be a referendum, which is expected to take place in August this year to make some amendments or maintain certain provisions of the Liberian constitution. Massive awareness and sensitization activities have been going on to ensure the success of the referendum.
It is common knowledge that campaign is intended to afford the parties and candidates ideas to the voters, and at the same time explain to them what they intend to do should they be elected. Additionally, this is a process by which the parties and candidates will be interacting with the electorates.
As the process begins with more than 25 political parties and several candidates, it is necessary to urge all participants to ensure that the process be peaceful as anything contrary to this could undermine the process.
This is why we are calling on the participants to act properly for a successful process. The process should not be used as a time to trade insults, but to discuss issues and explain their platforms; to deal with the issues and avoid personal attacks that may send bad blood into the electorates.

Missteps Continue
The National Elections Commission is today expected to declare national campaign for the 2011 general and presidential elections officially opened. This day has been long awaited with attempted and reported pre-campaign violations by political parties including the ruling Unity Party. The crucial aspect of the electoral process is kicking off at the time delineation exercise that tends to define electoral districts across the country is still incomplete. Liberians, especially critics, are likely to express reservations about the process, as they did during the voter’s registration exercise in January and February early this year. Several opposition political parties argued at the time that district demarcation would have taken place before voter’s registration, but NEC said it was not responsible for the misstep because the National Legislature delayed in passing the threshold bill, which was later passed by resolution contrary to what the election law required.
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“TWP Did Serious Mistakes” -Senior Partisan admits
With campaign now in progress as part of activities marking the 2011 general and presidential elections, a senior partisan of the Grand Old True Whig Party, George E. Henries has acknowledged errors made by the long served political party in the history of Liberia. “To be fair, as the ruling party for more than a century, the party made some serious mistakes and policies which deserve to be condemned because the deleteriously affected the nation and the party. It is important that they are not repeated”, Counselor Henries said.
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Missteps to Democracy (Editorial)
Principally evolving from decades of experiments conducted in the rightful government of the Liberian nation, with dictatorial,
autocratic and civilian regimes featured, it is by no means an error that whilst democracy has since been ushered in the land, segments of the population are still confused over the path being threaded.
Grossly enslaved as some utterances and actions of individuals have appeared in recent years, with reference easily made to been dictates of Liberia’s fledgling democracy, it is only when unanimous voice are made clear in decision making processes of the state that the differences are made clear in decision making process of the state that the differences are made distinct.
The political rather the socio economic that is grossly being willfully undermined in some quarters proving the case, howbeit the thrust at gradually improving the lives of its war affected people, the twists and turns are but forcible identification of new arrivals to the scene who may want to have their physical presence felt but with nothing beyond to truly exhibit as regard the governance process of the nation.
Daring to suave from the non-partisan path and quite observant as we have remained over the years as professionals, it becomes a national obligation to set aright germane modes and practices that would contribute to the sustenance of the hard-earned peace, stability and democracy restored to the native land.
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We Are Watching …Says U.S. Ambassador on Electoral Process
As the political campaign officially begins today, United States Ambassador, Linda Thomas Greenfield says they will watch the conduct of the entire process.
In her statement delivered yesterday in Monrovia at the celebration marking the 235th anniversary of the US Independence, Ambassador Greenfield pointed out that a peaceful and orderly process with a credible outcome can only be guaranteed by the individual and collective actions of the Liberian people.
The US Ambassador said as the process continues, they wish Liberians success in this important democratic process, which world viewers will also watch closely. She also encouraged Liberians to continue the process of reconciliation as they move down the road of stability and peaceful elections.

Nephew Kills Uncle’s Wife
The wife of Unity Party representative aspirant, Ben A. Fofana has been stabbed to death. The incident took place last evening at their New York residence of the staff quarter on the Booker Washington Institute in Kakata.
The Liberia News Agency Margibi County correspondent quoting events from the scene said it all happen when the nephew of Ben Fofana, Fumba Konneh along with his accomplices entered the room of his uncle and began stabbing her with knife. She sustained multiple wounds on her abdomen and her back.

90 Days to D-Day
Many Parties in the Dark, Rough Road To Octobe
With 90 days to presidential and Legislative elections, only a handful of political parties have lined up their presidential and vice presidential tickets and the contestants for legislative seats are yet to be formerly declared or known. As the National Elections Commission declares the campaign formally open today, many parties are in disarray and are yet to gather the
campaign spirit. Out of an estimated 32 political parties, about 4 have listed their candidates.

Sen. Johnson Denies Weapons Smuggling Charge
Senator Prince Johnson has denied allegations levied against him of smuggling weapons into the country by his former party chair, Mr. Emmanuel Lomax. Reacting to allegations, the presidential aspirant for the National Union of Democrats told supporters he will discuss the allegations letter in the senate. Senator Johnson has also denied allegations that he wanted to kill key Executives of his party who differed with him.

The Candidates Campaign Promises –Part I (Column)
I want to Be President Too

Fellow citizens, 2011 is an election year. The campaign season has already officially begun. A great deal of politicians anxiously awaited it for various reasons. Now that it has started, their attention is put on the Election Day itself. It is time for all those who want power to begin making promises to the people. And no politician is bereft of the baskets of promises, most of which are empty promises aimed at making them win elections.
Ah, but generally speaking, aren’t politicians a group of very cunning and promise-making people? There are some politicians whose political parties the public knows nothing about. The locations of the party headquarters are not even
known. Yet, these candidates are serious like ‘dog killers’ to become president of Liberia.
Notwithstanding this, these politicians always have their baskets of promises, and they move around with it. It seems in Liberia, one doesn’t have to worry about clearly explaining his campaign promises and how the projects mentioned in those promises will be funded, how they will be carried out, when they will be carried out and so forth. The major task is for each contestant, the candidates have observed, is to always have his basket of promises.

NEC Use Football To Spread Referendum Message
National Elections Commission Chairman, Mr. James Fromoyan, who took the kickoff Sunday in a match between friends of James Debbah and the National Under 23 at the ATS, told the New Democrat that they are partnering with many organizations including Football for Hope to spread the referendum messages.
“We thought that base on the experience we had during the voter’s registration where we used professional players to help us disseminate the voter’s registration messages, we could do the same thing for the referendum campaign. That is why we are here today providing some sponsorship and at the same time making sure that the message go across so that people of voting age will turn out on August 23 to vote for the four propositions that will be placed before them in the referendum” Mr. Fromoyan said.

Aspirant’s Wife Murdered In Kakata
…Police Arrest Suspect

On the eve of political campaigning, the wife of a major aspirant has been murdered in Kakata, Margibi County. Mrs. Robertha Nelson Fofana, wife of Ben Fofana, a representative aspirant of the ruling Unity Party was murdered by Fumba Konneh, nephew of the aspirant. The killing took place Sunday night at about 7pm on July 3, 2011 at the BWI German Community in Kakata.
The News

Nat’l Campaign Opens Today
Political campaigning for this year’s presidential and legislative elections kickoff across the country today in accordance with the time line of the National Elections Commission. Individuals vying for the Liberian presidency and legislative positions, either under the banners of political parties or as independent candidates, will begin visiting the various political subdivisions of the country to rally support for votes from 1.7 million voters registered by NEC.
This year’s elections indeed are a turning point for the country- to either continue in the current path of development and progress or slip back into its bloody, unruly, destructive and cannibalistic past, observers have said.

Campaign: Keep It Clean and Peaceful
According to the timetable or key electoral dates for the 2011 general and presidential elections released by the National Elections Commission political campaign kicks off across the country today, July 5, 2011.
During this hectic political period which runs up to October 9, 2011, at least 700 candidates will struggle to win the confidence of the Liberian people to serve in various elective positions for six years. The number will include at least 25 candidates who have already registered for the presidency and hundreds of senatorial and representative’s slots around the country. All of the politicians will be heavily involved in selling their ideas and canvassing for supports form 1.7 million eligible voters across the 15 political subdivisions of Liberia.
The political campaign as is always the case, will be characterized by debates from opposing sides and fabulous and unrealistic promises and well crafted sugar quoted platforms from candidates and their supporters to persuade voters.
Without mincing words, the next three months of political fireworks will be very critical to Liberia’s second post war democratic elections which, Liberians here and abroad and the international community have described as a turning point for the nation and its people who saw peace only eight years ago following a generation of turmoil.
Even after eight years of uninterrupted peace, Liberians are still packing up their broken pieces and rebuilding their lives, homes, institutions and communities. Indeed, this year’s elections are a litmus test for the maturity of the democracy in the country. It will determine whether democracy will continue in the current path of development and progress, or will slip backward into the once bloody past.

UP Warns Against Electoral Violence

The governing Unity Party through its national youth congress has called for tolerance, maturity and non violence approach amongst political parties in the ensuing elections.
Addressing a news conference yesterday in Monrovia, the party’s youth chairman, Amos Tweh, said as Liberians enters one of the most difficult and dedicated periods of its history a more tolerance and democratic approach was needed to move the country forward.
Daily Observer

NDPL Announces Alliance with UP But…
The erstwhile ruling National Democratic Party of Liberia on Tuesday, June 23, 2011 pledged its support for the second term bid of President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf.
They took the decision at its consultative meeting held over the weekend in Monrovia. The party pointed out that its latest position has been informed by the UP led government’s commitment to genuine peace, development, and serious steps taken towards de centralization of its operation.
Daily Observer

D-Day for 2011 Campaign
Canvassing for the Presidency and half of the House of Representatives kicks off today in accordance with the National Elections Commission calendar of events leading to the October 2011 presidential and legislative elections.
Already the NEC has acknowledged the participation of some 29 political parties in the campaign process leading to the elections on the second Tuesday of October this year.
Article 83 (a) of the 1986 constitution of the Republic of Liberia stipulates “voting for the President, Vice President, Members of the Senate and the Members of the House of Representatives shall be conducted throughout the Republic on the second Tuesday in October of each election year.”
Notwithstanding, a decisive vote by the electorate in the ensuing National Referendum could alter this course of event and push it mid November of every election year.

They Are Frustrated -Prince Johnson Describes Accusers
Presidential candidate Prince Johnson has described those accusing him of wanting to kill them as being frustrated and do not know how and where to direct their frustrations.
Sen. Johnson made the statement yesterday at his party headquarters in Congo Town, outside Monrovia, upon his arrival from Nigeria where he has been for over two weeks.

One moth month away from a crucial puzzle to this year’s legislative and presidential elections, the National Elections Commission appears to be far being in sensitizing the public. More importantly, do Liberians really understand that they would be voting twice this year? The public awareness must be stepped up now.
The Political campaign season is upon us but it appears voters are far from understanding the dynamics of what is actually in play.
On August 23, voters will be asked to vote on three key decisions which will likely decide the presidential and legislative race.
Front Page Africa

UP Youth Congress Decries Elections Violence On Campaign Eve, Calls on Party Youths to Demonstrate Tolerance as Usual as there are more than enough reasons for Ellen’s Re-election the Chairman of the Unity Party Youth Congress Amos Tweh has called youth across the country to demonstrate reasonable level of campaign that is poised to be opened on Today July 5, 2011.
Tweh, at a press conference just on the eve of campaign called on his party youths to demonstrate what he said is usual level of tolerance they have exhibited over the last six years following the end of the last general and presidential elections.
They Unity Party youth Chairman also called on the youthful community from other opposition political parties to observe democratic tolerance as required by the organic laws of Liberia.
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This daily news  review is compiled by African Elections Project (AEP) and the LMC media monitoring service, Monvrovia, Liberia.

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