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Liberia Elections 2011 News Review - 8th July 2011
Friday 8th July 2011
Pitfalls Ahead
Liberians are kneeling down praying to avoid stalemates in the 2011 general and presidential elections, especially recounting disturbances and bloody scenes witnessed or monitored in neighboring Guinea and Cote d’voire, following disputed elections that claimed the attention and intervention of the international community months back in those countries.
However, as Liberia’s Electoral Commission seems determined to conduct free, fair and transparent elections, the so called delay in the timetable of the calendar of event blamed on the National Legislature due to its failure to pass the Constituency Threshold bill as crafted, has given birth to pitfalls in the electoral process.
The James Fromoyan led NEC which has often been underestimated to conduct credible elections maintains that it is capable to umpire the process, but mixed-up steps in implementation appear to set in uncertainties in the procedure expected to lead to a successful conduct of elections.
The first week of the much anticipated national campaign is going to a close without chaotic scenes, yet analysts have begun murmuring that declaring campaign before candidates are qualified to contest is a back door approach that may undermine credible elections.
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Fast and Prayer Can Influence peaceful Elections (Editorial)

Liberians have entered a critical time of their history as campaign for the second postwar election got underway on Tuesday. The pending election is considered critical because events unfolding over the past months have sparked concern- not just amongst Liberians-also amongst our international partners.
There have been concerns within the international community that Liberia is rapidly becoming a success a story; however, there are noticeable symptoms of fragility creeping in.
The success of our democracy depends on how we conduct ourselves; our utterances and deportment could enable us obtain a non-violent election result or undo the achievements we’ve made over the years.
The Liberian government has assured unhindered process and, accordingly, indicated that it would not clamp down on opposition politicians for expressing their views on national issues, no matter how critical they may appear to be.
At the same time, the United States Ambassador to Liberia, Linda Thomas- Greenfield, has called on Liberians to ensure that the environment for the election remains peaceful.
The international community which has been and continues to be the fulcrum for the attainment of peace and stability in Liberia is equally concerned about the way and manner in which we will conduct ourselves during these elections.
As political parties begin campaigning, we are also concerned about revelations and prophesy that there’s danger ahead of us. These revelations have come from renowned men and women of God, for which the religious community have commenced fasting and praying to avert any unfavorable occurrence.
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NEC Releases Electoral Districts

The National Elections Commission will today release the final electoral districts for the 2011 Presidential and Legislative Elections.
A media advisory from the NEC says the Commission will today publish the outcome of the delineation process in preparation for the conduct of the ensuing elections.
Nine additional districts were created by the National Legislature adding to the current 64 districts and NEC has apportioned said districts among highly populated counties including Montserrado, Nimba, Bong, Grand Bassa and Lofa thus, making the amount of electoral districts 73.
According to NEC, under the new electoral re-districting, all districts numbering has changed and the old numbers are no longer attainable as they have been awarded to other districts. For example District 1 has changed in shape and size as well as other districts.
The controversial delineation has been a major concern among Liberians especially those vying for Representatives post in the ensuing elections. Though campaign for the presidential and legislative elections has since been declared opened by the National Elections Commission, many are still wondering as to how politicians will campaign in the absence of candidate’s nomination and the delineation process.

Stinginess, False Promises, Hunt Dew Mayson

As NEW DEAL Places check Point on his Presidential Ambition
Ambassador Dew Mayson, a man described as one of Liberia’s millionaires have fallen prey at the hands of the New Democrat Alternative for Liberia Movement popularly known as the New Deal Movement expelling him from all activities for time indefinite.
If the indefinite suspension is anything to go by and takes route with less than four months to the holding of the 2011 General elections, seemingly it would hastily bring to an end the long time uncompromising political ambition of the Liberia business man.
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IFES Gears Up For 2011 Elections

-Empowers 19 CSOs
The International Foundation for Electoral Systems with funding from United States Agency for International Development has begun warming up for the conduct of the 2011 General and Presidential elections.
In preparation of the exercise, IFES in collaboration with the National Elections Commission will today end a three day over education and mobile cinema training, July 6 in Congo Town at White Flower.
The workshop brought together 19 civil society organizations, aimed at education them on the National referendum, and in return, participants will use their individual skills acquired from the train8ing to educate public on the key four propositions.
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As campaign Kicks Off:Presidential Aspirant Accused

Professor Dew Mayson, a presidential aspirant, has been accused of breaching the fundamentals of the New Democratic Alternative for Liberia Movement (the New Deal Movement) as well being callous insensitivity to the needs and modus operandi of the Movement, coupled with what the Movement calls his “unorthodox style of politicking” with the National Democratic Coalition.
Prof. Mayson is the standard bearer of the New Deal Movement. The New Deal Movement is one of the several political parties that made up the NDC.
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This daily news  review is compiled by African Elections Project (AEP) and the LMC media monitoring service, Monvrovia, Liberia.

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