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Nec Challenges For Cleaner Polls
Monday 11th July 2011
Recent assurances by Mr. James Fromoyan, Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) that all candidates will have equal access to public facilities as they campaign for votes in this year’s presidential elections appear to have ended or eased the hullabaloo over the opposition demand to remove him.

Fromoyan’s assurances gained further relief when the state owned Liberia Broadcasting System promised that all political parties will gain equal access to its broadcast coverage.

But the embattled Chairman remains faced with abysmal pool of challenges in ensuing cleaner polls. He needs to improve the impending elections that have taken place in the country. In a polity where credible elections are a rarity the polls are widely adjudged to be fair and acceptable. Failure to enhance this ends up with some of the results being contested in certain parts of the country.

This election, like any other, has greater direct bearing on the everyday lives of the people with regards to service delivery very critical sectors such as roads, education and health.

Some elections can easily degenerate into anarchy, so NEC, security agencies and the electorate should exercise more vigilance to ensure that everything is done according to the rule of law with no room given for malpractices or outbreak of violence. Security agencies and NEC officials must be prepared to thwart attempts to scuttle the process.
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