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Liberia Elections 2011 News Review - 11th July 2011
Monday 11th July 2011
Brumskine Ventures into PYJ’s Territory
Shows Strength in Ganta

On Tuesday, July 5, 2011, the National Elections Commission officially declared campaign open for the conduct of the 2011 General and Presidential Elections, and Liberians seeking the country’s highest political office are not taking the race lightly, and additionally have begun a robust campaign to ensure that they capture the Executive Mansion through the ballot box.
The opposition Liberty Party of Cllr. Charles Brumskine is one of the several political parties that is doing everything humanly possible for the capturing of the Executive Mansion, and over the weekend stormed Nimba County, a county according to observers said to be strong hold of Prince Johnson, the Standard Bearer of the National Union for Democratic Progress (NUDP).
In the provincial city of Ganta, the Liberty party led by its standard bearer, and political leader, Cllr. Charles Brumskine show case the party strengthen by pulling thousands of Nimbians to the disbelief of Senator Johnson supporters including the ruling Unity Party. Our reporter who covered the happening said the compound of the United Methodist Gymnasiums could not take in the huge crowd as people came from across the length and breadth of the county to pledge their unflinching support to Cllr. Brumskine and the Liberty Party.
Women Voices

Dew Mayson Free at Last

-As He Conjugates the Verb “To Eat” Honestly To New Deal Partisans
The indefinite suspension of Amb. Dew Mayson by the National Executive Committee of the New Deal Movement according to reports have been lifted due to his compliance with the demands of the highest decision making body of the party as per the tem of agreement that rendered him the slot as party leader. Investigated by this paper revealed that the businessman was suspended for time indefinite the National Executive Committee of the New Deal on allegation that he refused to deposit over one million dollars in to the part’s account at Global. New Deal insiders confided in this paper that Amb. Mayson has
deposited one million United States Dollars into the party’s account, which was set as a precondition to lifting the suspension, and at the same time has restored him as the party’s standard bearer.
Though the accounts are still being investigated by this paper, but further revealed that Amb. Mayson has additionally agreed to revamp the party’s offices across the country.
Women Voices

No Primaries

The In Profile Daily has reliably gathered that the ruling Unity Party (UP) may not go to primaries for the election of its representatives and senatorial candidates as the National Elections Commission has set August 15 as the deadline for the submission of parties candidates.
UP sources have told this paper that incumbent representatives, senators of the party, and people those who have formed alliance with the party, are currently lobbying with the leadership of the party to cancel the primaries and select or endorse them instead of allowing partisans in the various constituencies to exercise their democratic franchise by electing those to represent them in the National Legislature.
In Profile Daily

Who Owns Majority Party?

-Suspension, Counter-suspension Interplay
As political parties and independent candidates put on their boots to challenge the daily down pour of rain in reaching their constituents in the ongoing campaign, the fate of Majority Party of Liberia (MAPOL) has now hung in the balance when it comes to ownership with the suspension and counter suspension interplay.
MAPOL’s executive Committee on Friday released a resolution, immediately and indefinitely suspending the party’s acting Chairman, Mr. Augustine Wheaton.
In profile Daily

Caucus Primaries Ultimatum Rejected

Voters to Rebel Against Many UP Legislators, Secret UP Poll Reveals President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf rejected an ultimatum from over 40 Unity Party Legislators caucus members, demanding to stand election unopposed, while a confidential UP polls revealed many would be rejected by voters, sources have told this paper.
“She told caucus members that she could not accept the resolution signed by the caucus because she felt it was an ultimatum” our sources disclosed. Newly elected UP legislative Caucus Chair Theodore Momo presented the concerns of the disgruntled members to the president, but did not actually hand the resolution to her, sources said.
New Democrat

NEC Challenges for Cleaner Polls (Editorial)

Recent assurances by Mr. James Fromoyan, Chairman of the National Elections Commission (NEC) that all candidates will have equal access to public facilities as they campaign for votes in this year’s presidential elections appear to have ended or eased the hullabaloo over the opposition demand to remove him. Fromoyan’s assurances gained further relief when the state owned Liberia Broadcasting System promised that all political parties will gain equal access to its broadcast coverage.
But the embattled Chairman remains faced with abysmal pool of challenges in ensuing cleaner polls. He needs to improve the impending elections that have taken place in the country. In a polity where credible elections are a rarity the polls are widely adjudged to be fair and acceptable. Failure to enhance this ends up with some of the results being contested in certain parts of the country.
This election, like any other, has greater direct bearing on the everyday lives of the people with regards to service delivery very critical sectors such as roads, education and health.
Some elections can easily degenerate into anarchy, so NEC, security agencies and the electorate should exercise more vigilance to ensure that everything is done according to the rule of law with no room given for malpractices or outbreak of violence. Security agencies and NEC officials must be prepared to thwart attempts to scuttle the
Daily Observer

NDC on Mayson’s Suspension

The leaders of the constituent parties of the National Democratic Coalition have reiterated their commitment to the objectives of the Coalition and have reaffirmed their determination to uphold the plan of the coalition protocol.
The parties made their affirmation in spite of the recent indefinite suspension action taken by the New Deal Movement against its standard bearer, Amb. Dew Mayson.

“We Must Not Attack Institutions, individuals”

…Presidential Hopeful. Hananiah Zoe Cautions Would-Be Candidates
A Presidential hopeful in the ensuing Presidential and General Elections has urged Liberians as well as would-be candidates not to attack individuals during the electoral process.
Rev. Hananiah Zoe, Standard Bearer of the Liberia Empowerment Party said if there are mistakes on the part of the NEC, political parties as well as |Liberians in general must come together to solve those problems instead of attacking personalities or institutions. Rev. Zoe commenting on the decision of the NEC to declare campaign open before the nomination of candidates said though certain things should have been put into place by NEC, political parties must come
together and work out any irregularities on the part of the Commissioner.

What is toward the 2011 Elections? (VOX POP)

Is the quest for delineation answered, now that districts have been scattered? For example the former district number six is now district number four in Montserrado County. Does the NEC-drawn demarcation posed any danger for aspirants? Again the national campaign is ongoing; votes taking in the referendum are set for August 23, 2011; yet no candidates. Aspirants for political parties are confident they still have primaries ahead so they are campaigning seriously for their
parties, what is the status of the independent aspirants?
Then the big question...Who Are to Be Qualified by NEC? Are there more surprises are in the NEC’s Package for the 2011 elections. What are Liberians thinking?

Knuckles Gate III?
As the ruling Unity Party prepares for the upcoming presidential and legislative elections, ongoing discontentment is said to be pitting young against old with the reemergence of former Minister of Public Works and Minister of State, Willis Knuckles into campaign operations.
Multiple party sources point to Knuckles rising influence especially related to exclusive control of funding which is drawing ire among some party stalwarts with suggestions that could pose a major setback for the Unity party second term quest.
Internal sources confided to Front page Africa that the former Minister of State whose fame was derailed by a series of Front Page Africa Investigations dubbed Knuckles Gates I and II. Knuckles reemergence is reportedly turning heads and is said to be causing dissatisfaction among youthful force runners of the campaign activities.
Front Page Africa


Incumbent Sirleaf Teases Opposition’s Defeat Reignites Past Defeated Candidates Frustrations
On an apparent reflection of the aftermath of the 2005 General elections, Incumbent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has begun to predict another set of would be frustrated candidates when she beats them again during October elections.
Speaking to her supporters in Sinkor Saturday evening on the official opening of the ruling Unity Party National Campaign Headquarters, Sirleaf sang: “Ellen will win ooh…there will be lots of broken hearts, lots of broken hearts…”
Front page Africa

Election Predictions Reveal Runoff

A confidential report forecasting the presidential elections in Liberia has revealed uncertainty for the ruling Unity party winning
the polls in the first round. It also revealed fears and concerns within the ruling party ahead of the polls on October 11.
According to the report, copy of which is in possession of this paper, seems to be the work of one Larry Gibson, a campaign strategist, who performed similar analysis that propelled President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to win the Presidential election in 2005.
He outlined several areas which suggest that the UP most likely could win by 47.2 percent in the first round, 37.7 percent as the best case scenario in the first round and worst case scenario pointing to a 28.3 percent first round victory.
Two of the three scenarios pointed to a second round. However, to achieve any political victory, the confidential analysis added that the UP must have certain key political on its side during the second round.

Ellen Predicts Lots of Broken Hearts
In the first week of the campaign season, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf has sounded buoyant and declared that there would be lots of broken hearts after the elections in October this year.
Seeking a second term in office, the president told jubilant Unity Party partisans that “Ellen will win...There will be lots of broken hearts…”

“Election Timetable a Recipe For Conflict” …Freeman
Ahead of presidential and legislative elections in October this year, opposition politician Simeon Freeman says the election timetable released by the National Elections Commission (NEC) is a recipe for conflict.
Mr. Freeman, which is standard bearer of the Movement for Progressive Change (MPC), said the Commission must follow constitutional order by qualifying candidates first before campaigning.
He believes that if NEC does not implement these guidelines consistent with the Liberian constitution there could be problems ahead. According to the election timetable released by the NEC, July 16, 2011- July 19, 2011 is the launch of candidate nomination(collecting application forms from NEC); July 20, 2011-August 15, 2011 candidate nomination; August 22, 2011 Provisional list of candidates published and August 23, 2011 Referendum day continuing.

This daily news  review is compiled by African Elections Project (AEP) and the LMC media monitoring service, Monvrovia, Liberia.
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