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Liberia 2011: The Week For Patriotism
Monday 22nd August 2011

In this Daily Observer Editorial, the paper believes this week, which began yesterday, August 21, is a historic week in the Republic, in which major events are taking place. The first comes tomorrow, August 23, when Liberians turn out in their hundreds of thousands to vote on the Constitutional Referendum that is designed to change the Liberian Constitution in a few significant ways.

The following day, Wednesday, August 24, Liberians commemorate the 164th anniversary of the unfurling of their national ensign, the Lone Star.

The two events call for Liberians to demonstrate their patriotism first, by turning out to vote in the Referendum, which has been called for by the National Legislature.

The referendum is an historic opportunity for Liberians to exercise their franchise. It is chance for them to participate in the democratic process in a meaningful way and be part of national decision making.

Those who turn out to vote will be able to congratulate themselves for having had a direct and personal stake in whatever decisions are made next Tuesday affecting the whole nation. We believe this is a wonderful opportunity, and we call on all Liberians, 18 and above, to turn out and add their voices to national decision making.

This is an act of patriotism because the person who turns out and vote takes the country as his or her own and desires to be part of the decision that affect the nation destiny.

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