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Liberia Elections Editorial: We Detest Reported Attacks, Threats Against Journalists
Monday 22nd August 2011
The Heritage's attention has been drawn to the reported wave of physical attacks, verbal attacks, and other forms of harassment against journalists by partisans of the opposition Congress for Democratic Change (CDC).

We think the reported acts against journalist while performing their assigned tasks are uncalled for, and therefore, we categorically condemn the annoying actions and call on well meaning Liberians to do likewise.

We believe, at this critical moment of electioneering, journalists are under moral obligation to provide sufficient information to the Liberian people for the electorates to make well-versed decisions.

And henceforth, journalists must be allowed to do their professional work freely. Against this backdrop, we call on the leadership of the CDC to hand down punitive measures against its partisans who reportedly meted out the unwarranted acts against the victimized journalists so as to deter the irritating actions.

In this vein, we appeal to the leadership of the CDC and other political parties to consider journalists and media workers as partners, not enemies in the effort to consolidate the peace for the betterment of the Liberian people and nation.

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