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Liberia Elections Editorial: Trekking A Dangerous Path

During one of the tension packed moments of a given election year like the one Liberia is faced with at present, prayers are offered against violent confrontations. Such moment is the national campaign period which Liberian with different political affiliations are going through in anticipation of competitively free, fair and transparent elections either in October or November this year.

We sense that during this period the emotions of political competitors rise as high mountain’s peak and consequently, personality or physical clashes result to bloody faces, deaths or arson attacks.

Of recent, precisely on Wednesday, 18 August, a petrol bomb blast resulted into the combustion of a vehicle belonging to Eugene Nagbe, Deputy Campaign Manager of the ruling Unity Party Campaign Team.

Whoever stormed Mr. Nagbe’s residence and blasted his vehicle with petrol bomb is still unknown as state security personnel have been teamed to investigate the incident.

We like other civilized elements of Liberia, must at the highest extent categorically condemn the Nagbe’s misfortune and wish to support a sustained independent investigation into the diabolical act.

For us, the scenario is nothing but trekking a dangerous path at the time when conducting peaceful and credible elections in Liberia eight years after the country’s bloodletting civil war cannot be overstated.
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