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Liberia Elections: Peaceful Referendum Is Must For Peaceful Elections
Thursday 25th August 2011
As the National Electoral Management Body, the NEC, draws the curtains on the registration of candidates and political parties in this week, the nation faces crucial National Referendum calling for the amendment of four key propositions of the Constitution.

Like any subject of political contestation, The Analyst believes the Referendum has already sparked disagreements between and amongst the major political parties, civil society and the public at large, but the debate has been diluted or kept low keyed as a consequence of ongoing internal party contestation like primaries, and registration of candidates by the National Elections Commission. The debate, however, is expected to heat up in the next few days as parties and candidate’s registration are concluded this week.

The battle line is drawn, particularly between those who outright support all four propositions of the referendum and those who completely opposed all the propositions.

There, of course, are middle-level-positions individual’s parties that vow to campaign for some ‘reasonable’ propositions and against some ‘unreasonable propositions’.

More besides, there are others who are calling for a complete boycott of the process, claiming that the Referendum violates the constitution and does not worth voting for or against.

The variety of positions articulated by various segments of the population has a place in Liberia’s nascent democracy. Democracy is about diversity and it would be folly for anyone or any group to dismiss the perspective of another on the referendum.

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