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Liberia Elections Editorial: Nec Needs To Apologize
Friday 26th August 2011

The aftermath of the just ended referendum was a shamble so much so that the National Elections Commission needs to publicly apologize to the Liberian people for such shame. For NEC to have known about an error and not make a public pronouncement about it until voters found out themselves on the polling day is a travesty and lack of care in performing its judiciary responsibilities.

For we only wonder  what pre-presidential; Ellen Johnson Sirleaf would have said about the performance of Mr. Fromayan and the commission as a whole, considering the kinds of tongue lashing given Mr. Hammond and the Doe Regime in 1985.

In Profile Daily reports that, it’s a known fact that before becoming Africa’s first female head of state, Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, in 1985 won a senatorial seat on the ticket of the Liberia Action Party for Montserrado County, but being resolute against elections fraud, refused to take seat at the National Legislature under the regime of Samuel Doe.

Because error such as this by the body entrusted with the responsibilities to undertake a free, fair and transparent elections, can be the beginning of erosion of trusts in the process, a process that has limited time from this point forward. It is in this vain that we call on Madam Ellen Johnson Sirleaf to join other politicians in condemning the NEC for the just ended process and at the same time admonish them to double up and perform better in the real elections.

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