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Liberia Elections Editorial: Nec Should Learn From Past Mistakes
Friday 26th August 2011

The National Elections Commission on Tuesday, August 23, 2011 supervised the conduct of the National Referendum across the country. The referendum carried four propositions, which were to be voted for or against or in favour using simple yes or no to any of the propositions. During the referendum, many citizens expressed their dissatisfaction over the way the propositions were structured.

Many complained that understanding the way to vote ‘yes or no’ posed problems for people, especially the unlettered. The Informer reports that, according to voters, proposition two, which talked about the tenure of the Chief Justice and Justices of the Supreme Court, was unclear and confusing to the extent that many people talked to confessed voting both yes or no.

 This was probably one of the reasons why there were many invalid votes. Granted that the issue was a ‘normal human error’, we call on the NEC to be extra careful in the future.

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