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Liberia Elections News Review ΓΆ€“ Thursday 19th May 2011
Thursday 19th May 2011
Disarm the Police Before Elections
As the 2011 general and presidential elections is drawing nearer, Mr. Anthony F. Williams, Director of Press and Public Affairs of Presidential Aspirant, Rev. Kennedy Sandy of Free Democratic Alliance is calling on the Government of Liberia to disarm the Emergency Respond Unit (ERU) before the ensuing elections for peaceful elections.
Mr. Williams said that he envisaged trouble and increased violence when the ERU is not disarmed before elections.
The Informer

Dew Mayson to Reject Running Mate
Credible sources within the National Democratic Coalition (NDC) have revealed to this paper that Prof. Dew Mayson have frowned on Madame Jewel Taylor being his running mate in the ensuing General and Presidential Elections.
The NDC sources noted that Prof. Mayson’s rejection comes in the wake of the historical facts that former President Taylor; the husband of Madame Jewel Howard Taylor launched a civil war in Liberia which killed nearly 300,000 Liberians and foreign nationals.
The Inquirer

What does Charles Brumskine Really Want?
Today, Monday, May 30, 2011, Counselor Charles Walker Brumskine and his Liberty Party appear before the Lewis Bench of the Supreme Court of Liberia to receive yet another defeat from one of their many frivolous court suits against Chairman James Fromoyan and his National Elections Commission (NEC). This other court suit, Brumskine questions the legality of NEC’s decision to delineate electoral districts based on the population of those districts, something that is not only legal in Liberia, but is also practiced globally.
Front Page Africa

Harvard Class Rivals in Liberia
Incumbent Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for the first time acknowledges the Harvard Challenge of her opposition rival Winston Tubman in her quest for second term.
Liberian President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf last week drew a subtle jibe to one of her opponents in this year’s presidential race, Ambassador Winston Tubman, with whom Sirleaf shares the distinction as a graduate from the prestigious Harvard University.
Sirleaf used the occasion of her commencement address at Harvard to announce that she is up for re-election and one of those running against her, claiming to be her strongest opponent was also a Harvard graduate.
Front Page Africa

CDC Dou Races Inter’L Peace Charity
The newly wedded political pair, the Congress for Democratic Change political leaders, Winston Tubman and George Weah, have been on an international peace charity caravan.
The two men were part of an international soccer charity held in the Ghanaian capital, Accra, organized by Ghanaian international soccer star and African Peace Ambassador, Michael Essien.
The Analyst

PYL Talks Tough
Wants TRC Report fully implemented; Damns Ellen’s Anti-Graft Fight
Perhaps what is 2011 Elections’ most paradoxical political talk has come to the fore, with Senator Yormie Johnson, an indictee of war crimes as per the Truth and Raconciliation Commission’s report, criticizing another indictee, President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf for failing to fully implement nthe TRC recommendation which, amongst other things, call for a thirty-year ban from politics of some indictees in the country.
Whether this is just political talk or not, Senator Johnson sounds very upbeat that if elected to be the Liberian presidency, he would ensure the full implementation of the TRC report.
The Analyst

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