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Liberia Elections News Review ΓΆ€“ Tuesday 10th May 2011
Tuesday 10th May 2011
The banner headline of The News, a daily read: 8 Political Parties De-registered, As NEC Issues Writ Of Elections.

"TALIBAN" - Gov't Brands Politicians, IN Profile Daily's front page lead screamed.
Its back page lead was also very political. Opposition on Ellen's Back, allegedly for using tax payers' money for pre-campaign.

The Informer today wrote: Tubman, Weah's Ticket Easy Ride for UPsays a UP aspirant.

The popular New Democrat focussed on the judiciary. "Take The Bribe", the front page headline read. The Law Schcol Dean was addressing judges and lawyers. He told them to take bribes and do what is right.

The backpage of New Democrat said: OCTOBER LINE-UP: 25 parties set, 8 disqualified

8 Parties Barred from Political Activities, The Inquirer reported on its front page.

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