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Uninformed & Impoverished Electorate Poses Dangers To Democracy (editorial)
Wednesday 7th September 2011

As election approaches, there are rising concerns that the people if uniformed, could form their own execution squad as they have done before.

In 1997, they sang with exhilaration-you killed my ma you killed my pa I will vote for you. This lyric which made international headlines, defined the Liberian mindset. The encroaching elections, if anything lacks motivation for many. The issues are hardly discussed. There are no pronounced platforms on which informed opinions and choices can be made. It is not sufficient for a candidate or a party to parade pleasing and attractive solutions.

What matters is the standing of the party or candidate which is mainly determined by the past. A serial killer cannot therefore, be a guarantor of democracy and civil liberties with the Bible in hand. Thus, the difficulty in making choices in elections have been shown by the extreme apathy amongst the people, based on their beliefs, that, after all, their votes will not change anything. In the last referendum, a mere 27% of the registered voters bothered to vote.

This apathy if continued, could lead to an extreme minority determining the fate of the country with the implied dangers.

A New Democrat Editorial

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