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"let�s Take A Nationalistic Stand"

The National Elections Commission or NEC has stated bluntly that it does not have the capacity to conduct run-off elections for Legislators in the 2011 polls within a period of two weeks. The electoral body is therefore, seeking additional two weeks to conduct such run-offs since the absolute majority which was tagged, Proposition # 4 in the just ended referendum failed.

Proposition 4, centers on article 83b. Article 83b proposes that all elections for public offenses shall be determined by simple majority votes except for the president and vice president. There are about 73 vacant seats for the House of Representatives in addition to 15 for the Senate. There are at least not less than four aspirants in each country and district for the senatorial and representative seats respectively.

In total there are a little over 1,000 aspirants in each districts, vying for the same seat either as a party candidate or an independent candidate. The NEC has said that the issue is not a burden that it will handle alone. “The issue about the absolute majority is not the burden of NEC alone, it cuts across party lines, no matter how you take it,” Mr. Fromayan said during a consultative meeting with media executives Wednesday.

The NEC has found itself in a catch 22 situation, should it insist that the simple majority be set aside for these elections as was done in 2005, it would be seen as violating the Constitution should it go ahead as the Constitution demands, it might not just meet the deadline. In the foregoing, the New Dawn believes that there is a need for concerted effort by all stakeholders to find an amicable way out to avoid a probable constitutional crisis.

According to the New Dawn, whatever camp or ideology we belong to, this is a time that we take a nationalistic stand.
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