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Nec’s Request Must Be Given Consideration For Successful Elections
Monday 12th September 2011
On Wednesday, September 7, 2011, the National Elections Commission announced to the country that it will be very impossible to hold run-off elections in two weeks after the October 11, general and presidential elections. Speaking during a consultative meeting at its headquarters, the Chairman of the National Elections Commission, James Fromoyan noted that there will be no delay in the holding of the general and presidential elections.

He assured that his Commission is doing everything in ensuring the date for the holding of this year’s elections is held constant. Chairman Fromayan reaffirmed his commitment to ensure that these elections are conducted under a free, fair and transparent atmosphere stressing that there are no monetary and logistical challenges facing the Commission in holding the first round elections.

The NEC’s Chairman maintained that the two weeks set aside by the Constitution for the holding of the run-off elections was very short especially now that there are dossiers of candidates contesting for President and Legislative positions. He emphasized the need for an additional two weeks which will enable his Commission hold successful run-off elections.

He said this two weeks addition will enable the Commission to print new ballots papers, distribute elections materials across the country and also ensure that candidates are sorted out for the run-off elections.

The Women Voices, are of the strongest conviction the NEC’s call is in the right direction. We believe that holding national Elections is not an easy task that will take a day or two as in the case of organizational elections.

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