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Avoiding Elections Violence
Monday 12th September 2011

In recent history, elections in many African States has been marred by irregularities and blatant fraud, thus causing the rejection of results which subsequently lead to widespread violence that kill thousands of innocent people.

Though election authorities claimed that those elect ions were free and fair, opposition parties and their supporters in those countries rejected the pols results, citing gross violations of various elections laws of their respective countries.

Here in Liberia, it appears that things are not going down well, as a bulk of the citizenry has expressed disappointment over the conduct of the just ended national referendum. But the Chairman of the National Elections Commission, James Fromayan has persistently asserted that elections are not always free of irregularities, because according to him, only our Lord Jesus Christ can be free of errors.

The persistent chorus sung by Mr. Fromayan has the propensity to put the Commission’s reputation into public disrepute as well as in a difficult position following the October polls. In avoiding the perceived violence, we are all preaching against, we must prevail on NEC to make some adjustment in its information and public awareness strategies and maybe follow the footsteps of the former NEC Chair, Cllr Frances Johnson Wilson style of pluralism in sharing information with all media outlets to enhance massive elections sensitization that this current Commission which is operating one of the highest elections budget of the country in recent times.

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