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Nec Must Be Circumspect
Tuesday 13th September 2011
It is disheartening to note that with less than one month to the holding of the presidential and legislative elections in the country, the National Elections Commission is yet to conduct a comprehensive awareness campaign of the electoral exercise which is crucial in the transition process.

In a number of our editorials, we cautioned NEC about the poor awareness of the electoral process to avoid unnecessary mistakes that could plunge the country into confusion and chaos.
We vividly recalled the confusion and misunderstanding that characterized the just ended National referendum simply due to poor or inadequate awareness about the exercise by the commission throughout the country. Due to the lack of proper awareness, most of the eligible voters were not knowledgeable of the four propositions as contained in the referendum.

This is why we feel that with the limited time at the disposal of the commission, it should take the necessary precautionary measures to ensure the conduct of elections devoid of irregularities.

We are of the strongest conviction that as we approach this crucial point in the history of the country, it behooves the commission to take cognizance of the many shortcomings not only to ensure the successful conduct of the polls, but also prove to its many critics and skeptics that it is a credible institution with people of proven impeccable records to conduct future elections in the supreme interest of the country.

The Labor Times

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